VIDEO: UW RB Coach Keith Bhonapha on BSU

Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha spoke to the media Tuesday before the Huskies' Friday night season-opener at Boise State. Bhonpaha talked about the running back rotation, having Dwayne Washington and Lavon Coleman as co-number one backs, Myles Gaskin and how he has impressed, and if he sees one back separating from the pack once the games start. 

On Dwayne Washington and Lavon Coleman sitting atop the depth chart together at running back “I think both of those guys have had a good fall camp, and really it’s just based on the work that’s been put out. I want to make sure that we have good chemistry between the group as far as guys being able to get our there and contribute to the offense. I think both of those guys are good players. I think both of those guys have done a great job this fall camp.”


On if over the course of a few games if he thinks one back will separate himself from the rest “Oh yeah. I think as you kind of move into really a game time situation it definitely does vary between who’s going, who has the hot hand for the lack of a better term during the season, and especially during live carries. You really do get the chance to see ‘okay, who’s the guy that’s going to be ready to go any given, for this game Friday, or Saturday.’”


On Myles Gaskin “Myles (Gaskin), for an incoming freshman, has been really consistent throughout fall camp. He’s been great when it comes to knowing what he needs to do, great when it comes to being productive, no matter what group he goes with.  One of the things we focused on coming into this fall camp, really for the whole group, was consistency. That’s really what we ask for of Myles, even being a young guy, for him to be consistent and making himself seem like he’s ready to go. That’s exactly what he’s been able to do, be consistent.”

On what Deontae Cooper adds in terms of leadership “One of the things with (Deontae) Cooper is he’s very dependable, and like you said, he does add some leadership being a guy that’s been around here so far. He’s a good player. For the lack of a better term, we’re just fortunate enough to have a good group of backs who can contribute to the offense, and we want to do our best to put guys in good positions and we hope to stay healthy throughout the season to keep these guys rolling. As you guys know, it’s a long football season.” Top Stories