VIDEO: WR Jaydon Mickens Post-Game - BSU spoke post-game to Washington receiver Jaydon Mickens after the Huskies lost a heartbreaker in their season opener, a 16-13 loss to Boise State Friday night at Albertsons Stadium in Boise, Idaho.

On Jake Browning “Very much impressed with him coming in. Especially now when he’s standing in that pocket, taking those hits but getting back up, still driving the ball down field, and putting us in field goal range to almost take it into overtime. That’s awesome from a true freshman.”


On the upside the offense has with Jake Browning “We have a great upside, and that’s the pleasing thing about this. We can’t hold our heads down because of a loss like this. Everybody in that locker room fought back. Coaching staff, players, from punters to long snappers, everybody fought and that’s what we want to see out of our team. So that means we are going to have a positive go around the rest of the season. We have a long season to go.”


On if sticking to the game plan can make good things happen “Exactly. That’s what we did; we stuck to our game plan.  A couple of things happened that we didn’t want to happen, a couple sacks here and there. They play great defense. We knew they were going to come out and play hard. We just stick to our game plan and come out each and every week and we’re going to sharpen up and be better each and every week.”


On the defense giving them a chance in the second half “They were awesome. We’ve seen that all spring ball, we’ve seen that all fall camp, and they have tremendous heart. They were letting us know that they were behind us all the way, even though we weren’t giving them anything putting them on the field so fast. They still stuck behind us. That’s what a team does and it showed at the end of the game there.”


On the blocked punt “I just tried to stretch out and give our team a chance to win the game early on. It ricocheted my wrist a little bit, but nothing serious.”

On when he found out Jake Browning would start “Really, I found out kind of before the game. Before the game they let us know who was going to be the starting quarterback. We had a couple of guys to go in, but before the game they let us know it was going to be Jake (Browning) so we started warming up with him.” Top Stories