VIDEO: UW LB Coach Bob Gregory - 9/8/15

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory spoke to the media Tuesday before the Sacramento State game. Gregory talked about his linebackers performance at Boise State, adjustments made from the first half to the second half, the play of MIK Azeem Victor, and how the true freshmen played.

On first to second half adjustments against Boise State “Well, there was very little adjustment, it was just our guys I think slowing down, just in terms of relaxing a bit. I think there’s a lot anxiety. It was a great environment. For a whole bunch of those guys it was there very first game, so we just had to settle down and play better.”

On if they stuck with the game plan throughout the game “We could have put the second half with the first half and that was the plan. I think our guys worked really hard from the very start to the very end. I think we were just a little bit too amped up in the first half.”

On Azeem Victor’s performance “You know I think (Azeem Victor) has got a huge upside. If you realy watch the tape he had some really explosive and really good plays, but he’s just got so much more to go. That was Azeem’s really first college football game. He’s played a couple special teams reps, but those were the very first reps he’s played in college football. He’s got a bright future ahead of him.”

On how close Azeem Victor is to his idea of what the middle linebacker position should look like “Well, I think he’s a close in everything except experience, just getting all those game reps. He’s a guy that can run. He’s big. He’s physical. He just hasn’t played much.”

On if Azeem Victor makes the calls on defense “Yeah. Keishawn (Bierria) makes a lot of calls in there too, because he’s played a little bit more, trying to take some of the burden off of Azeem (Victor) that was. Keishawn does a lot of that stuff for us, but I think Azeem is right there.”

On how he feels Tevis Bartlett and Ben Burr-Kirven played “You know, again, I think the settled down a little in the second half. They played a little bit tentative, but we couldn’t be more excited about those two freshman. They’re going to be good football players for us.”

On his thoughts on Joe Mathis’ play “He did well. I don’t personally coach Joe (Mathis), he’s more of a defensive lineman. We certainly like his energy and he was huge on production, which was awesome.”

On how to keep the energy up against a lower level team after a tough loss “I think that just tells them right there, all the upsets that we saw. Again, it goes back to it’s all about ourselves. It’s a faceless opponent. I know it’s a little bit of coach speak but it really is and we just concentrate on ourselves." Top Stories