VIDEO: UW DB Coach Jimmy Lake - 9/8/15

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake talked to the media Tuesday about how the secondary played last Friday night in Washington's 16-13 loss at Boise State, their difficulty with tackling, Kevin King’s performance, and whether or not Budda Baker’s almost pick could have turned the tide early for the Huskies.

On what he has taken away form Boise “They graded out pretty well. Kind of the whole defense, we didn’t tackle as well as we should have, a lot of first contact misses as a whole defense. Other than that, we played really tight man coverage. We didn’t give up a lot of explosive plays in the run game or the pass game. But there are definitely some things we need to clean up. We gave up 16 points but really it should have been about 6, two field goals maybe and that’s it. There’s always stuff to work on. There are a lot of good things, but you’ve got to correct the things you messed up on.”

On how the first half miscues showed on tape “Really it just came down to tackling. It was high tackling by everybody. We always talk about the first game; usually it comes down to tackling, special teams, and turnovers. Obviously special teams wise, we showed a pretty good presence there, and obviously the turnovers, but tackling shows up. It’s the first time you really go live against another opponent. So hopefully we’re going to get that cleaned up. We did get it cleaned up in the second half, but we’ve got to start off better than that.”

On if he could have asked for a better start from Kevin King “Yeah, I can ask for a better start because he’s one of the guys that didn’t tackle very well. He missed at least three or four tackles, so that’s a big point of emphasis this week for him. He’s got to tackle a lot better. He had the one splash play that everyone remembers but there are a lot of other plays that he has to get in there and be a better tackler for us.”

On how he thought the strong safety position graded out “It was okay. It was pretty average. The guys that were in there didn’t mess up that much, but we also have to bring something to the table too. We’ve got to get some playmakers there. I feel like we have the guys to do it, and we’re going to see over the course of the next month or so who those guys are going to be.”

On Budda Baker’s near interception “That’s our job. Our job is to get the ball back. Budda (Baker) knows he’s supposed to come down with that football. It changes the whole momentum for the whole team. We can never miss out on opportunities like that.” Top Stories