VIDEO: UW LB Keishawn Bierria - 9/8/15

Washington linebacker Keishawn Bierria talked Tuesday about Azeem Victor's 14-tackle performance in their Friday night 16-13 loss at Boise State, how he thought the defense performed and not overlooking Sacramento State this coming Saturday.

On if the 14-tackle performance by Azeem Victor is what he expects out of him “Oh yeah, definitely. Azeem (Victor), he has a lot of time. He didn’t redshirt last year but he didn’t play as much so he had a lot of things mentally like he had something to prove and he definitely went out and there proved it. But it was nothing I wasn’t expecting. We expect both of each other to go out there and have 15. For him to almost reach that, it was crazy. I really expected that out of him. I expect that to be just the beginning.”


On if he helps Azeem VIctor with some of the calls “Well, by now, we’re both on the same level. Azeem (Victor) has had a lot of time, a lot of one’s reps. He caught on to it pretty fast. We’re pretty much on the same level helping each other and just trying to be on the same level all the time.”


On if Azeem Victor is a quiet guy on the field “No. He definitely will say his part. He’s definitely not a quiet guy. He’ll hit you and he’ll be in your ear telling you ‘I’m going to hit you again.’”


On what he would grade the defense “I’ll go with 86%, like a B+. I feel like the defense did pretty good. We did our part. I feel like we could have worked on a lot of things better. We could have started off a little faster and finished a lot of tackles, but overall I feel like our defense did our part. We played hard.”


On if he believes the defense is capable of playing at the level that they did in the second half week in and week out “Definitely. If our defense starts off fast we can play with anybody. We just have to keep up that momentum and just focus on the plays we can make and the plays we can’t. We just got to rally to the ball. That’s definitely what our defense is.  We have a lot of young guys out here, but we also have guys who have experience. We just kind of focus on just no busted coverages, making your tackles, and just getting to the ball.”


On not overlooking Sacramento State “We’re approaching Sacramento State just like we’re approaching USC, just like we’re approaching Oregon. We’re going to come out here, and we’re going to try to protect our home. We’re not going to look down on them; we’re going to give them everything we’ve got.” Top Stories