VIDEO: UW DB Budda Baker - 9/8/15

Washington sophomore defensive back Budda Baker talked about getting more involved with special teams after Boise State kicked away from him and could he be seeing time on offense? He talks about his willingness to play any role assigned to him.

On if he was disappointed he didn’t get any opportunities to return kicks “Yeah. I was real eager. All the other times Dawyne (Washington) got it so I was just happy to block for him.”


On his thoughts on the offense against Boise State “I mean definitely as a true freshman it’s going to be hard to start out. As the game progressed (Jake Browning) felt more comfortable. That was just game one. We have a while to go. So we’re just going on to the next game.”


On his if he is eager to play offense “For me, I mean, I’m cool with defense. Offense is great and all but I mean I won’t be there until they need me or if they want me to go out there. I don’t really pay attention to trying to get on offense. I’m just focusing on defense.”


On the home opener “It’s going to be great. I hope a lot of people come. It’s an early game and everything but hopefully it’s a beautiful day.” Top Stories