VIDEO: UW BUCK Travis Feeney - 9/8/15

Washington senior BUCK Travis Feeney talked about getting his first game experience at his new position this past Friday in Washington's 16-13 loss at Boise State, how he was recruited to be a safety and how his role has changed over time.

On the attitude of the first couple days of practice this week “The first couple days just ‘hey, that games in the past. I’m on to Sacramento State. Just got to watch film on them and get ready to go. Get ready to go this week and play a better game.”

On if Portland State beating WSU is a wakeup call “Any team can beat any team any given day. You can’t over look any team no matter which conference they’re in. Every team is good and every team can beat any team on any given day. We just have to practice hard like we’re preparing for anybody; any kind of ranked team, it doesn’t matter. So we’re just going to go out there and practice hard and be ready to play this weekend.”

On the difference between the first and second half “Yeah, I definitely think going into half we definitely turned it on in the second half. This week we have to learn how to turn it on in the first half. You have to turn it on from the beginning of the game, and that’s it.  Just starting out good from the very beginning. Starting out aggressive, starting out flying around and just playing hard.”

On what the home opener means to him “The home opener means everything. It means the first game. It’s my last one. My family is coming. I just want to play a good game and play a good game in front of my family and friends.”

On his first game at BUCK “Definitely something new. It was a start. It was the first game for me, my first game at a new position. Definitely I stepped it up. I evaluated myself hard and I’ve got a lot of things to work on. I’ve got to get my pad level low and work on my eyes and just make sure I get off of the blocks. I’ve got to get after the quarterback too, that’s the whole reason I was put there. I’ve got to get some sacks and I’ve got to some plays in the backfield.”

On how he is developing at BUCK “It’s just evaluating every rep. It’s breaking down every rep. Whether its good reps or bad reps I’ve got to get more detailed about and learn from my mistakes. Just going back and watching film on Hau’oli (Kikaha) and guys like that and just seeing what they did and comparing my game to theirs.  Just going back and watching a lot of film all the time.”

On how the rotation benefited them “I think we benefitted a lot. We’ve got guys who can come in and play just as good as the guys in front of them. Definitely we would get breathers and be more comfortable and be fresh every down so that helps out a lot too.”

On what position he was recruited at by UW and other schools and if it was a big factor in his decision and if he ever played safety at UW “Oh, safety. I had a school at corner and linebacker. I had linebacker, safety, and corner. I wanted to play safety. Not really because other schools the same thing, I was a safety at other schools. I think I got a great feeling when I came here. It’s what made me come. I played as a freshman; I played at the beginning of my redshirt freshman year. Then I got switched to linebacker.” Top Stories