VIDEO: UW RB Coach Keith Bhonapha - 9/9/15

Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha talked with the media Wednesday about the lack of production in the run game during Washington's 16-13 loss at Boise State Friday, as well as what he saw out of Dwayne Washington and true freshman Myles Gaskin. He also talked about the availability of Deontae Cooper and Jomon Dotson.  

On what was the game plan going into Boise and what happened with execution “Our plan was going in there and really getting a chance to get these guys broken in. We had a good game plan between the schemes we had in the run game. I think when it all comes down to it it comes down to details. We had a game plan of some gap stuff, some outside zone stuff, some inside zone stuff, a little bit of everything. We, as running backs, have to take better advantage of the opportunities we have out there on the football field. I think there were opportunities to break tackles. There were opportunities to take advantage of some space and some leverage out there that we didn’t. We just have to get back to work and continue to get better.”


On how hard it was to get into a rhythm running the ball with the lack of touches “I wouldn’t say the lack of touches. I think it’s just hard to get into a rhythm in the run game period. When we get opportunities to get the ball and we’re not getting positive yards it’s hard to keep coming back to those plays as an offensive coordinator and as an offense to say ‘okay, we need to keep running the ball.’ We have to be productive. That’s probably the message to the guys. If you want the ball you have to be productive. That’s the only way it works.”


On Dwayne Washington's performance “There’s always stuff to clean up. I thought he had some things that were good and some things that were bad. Obviously, as a coach, you and look at the bad. Was I pleased with how he played hard? Yes, but now we have to go from just playing hard and actually going out there and executing and doing the right things.”


On Myles Gaskin “Myles (Gaskin) is a young guy. It was fun to get him a chance to get out there, because there’s nothing like your first college football game. Now that that newness has worn off, it’s time for him, just like everybody else, to think about the details and continue to get better throughout this season.”


On his expectations for this group this weekend “I just want to be productive in the run game. I think they did a good job in pass protection for the most part, but for us to continue saying that we want to run the ball we have to go out there and be productive. What these guys need to do is go out there and be detailed in their assignments and the run for us to be productive.”


On if he plans on using guys like Deontae Cooper and Jomon Dotson more this weekend “You never know how this game goes. That’s kind of where I have to leave it. It would be nice, we have a room full of backs, if everybody could play. It just kind of depends on the flow of the game and what happens.”


On if Deontae Cooper and Jomon Dotson will be available “I think so. I don’t see why they won’t be. As long as they show up for the game they’re available.” Top Stories