VIDEO: Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens talks to the media - 9/9/15

Washington senior receiver Jaydon Mickens talked with the media Wednesday about the points of emphasis for this weekend versus Sacramento State and the rest of the season going forward, as well as Jake Browning’s performance in the Huskies’ 16-13 loss at Boise State and how the receivers can help him out.

On the point of emphasis this week “The point of emphasis is to score touchdowns; that’s how it is for every game coming in. We need to ultimately get down to the details, control what we can control, but also going out there and making plays and executing. Execution is a big part.”


On setting the tone for the rest of the season in his last home opener “For sure, I would love to set the tone in the Dawg House. I would have loved to set it on the blue turf, the ‘smurf turf, but that’s not how it panned out. It will be good coming back with 0-0. We take each week one game at a time. So right now, the board is even and we get to get a chance to get a win this weekend.”


On Jake Browning's performance and how the receivers can make his job easier in the second game “I think he performed very well. He did everything that was asked of the coaches. He made some mistakes but you expect that a little bit out of a freshman quarterback. He can’t be perfect in everything he does, but he’s working to perfection and that’s all we can ask for him. For myself, I’m running my routes. I’m running my routes and if he throws it I’m going to catch it.


On if there were times he was open and the ball wasn’t thrown his way “Yeah, there were definitely plays there. Either he didn’t see it or he had a lot of pressure on him. That’s something you can’t really get mad at or really get frustrated at. We just have to let him make his plays, and when it comes our way we have to make our plays as receiver.”


On not overlooking Sacramento State “We look at this game like it’s a big game. Every game we play in is going to be a big game and another challenge for us. We just have to come together collectively and act as if this is a national championship caliber game and we need to compete and execute on all cylinders.”


On the importance of starting strong “It’s very important. It’s very important because the defense, they come out and they set the tone with the hitting, getting the three-and-outs, whatever, they set the tone. But we set into how fast and what type of pace this game wants to go, and we just need to hone in on our details and get back to scoring touchdowns just like we’ve been doing all week in practice.” Top Stories