VIDEO: UW TE Joshua Perkins - 9/9/15

Washington senior tight end Joshua Perkins talked to the media Wednesday about the tight ends and how they played Friday in the Huskies 16-13 loss at Boise State, as well as what the fans should expect to see out of the Huskies offensively Saturday in their home opener versus Sacramento State.

On his role this year “This year they were pretty good for me actually. We’ve been getting involved in the offense a lot more. Hopefully, as the games go on, they start to see and recognize who I am.  I’ve been working hard. We’ve been working hard. We’re just trying to be the best we can be.”


On if the role the tight ends have in the offense has changed since last year “It’s changed dramatically actually. We’re involved in the offense a lot more. As you see, we’re lined up in the backfield sometimes, lined up out-wide, lined up in the slot a lot, and they ask us to run a lot different routes now. You can see a lot of different route combinations from us. I think they’re trying to get us the ball more because they see that we have a pretty talented group.”


On his thoughts on the game plan going into Boise State “I think that we had a pretty good game plan I just think offensively we didn’t execute well enough for us to get the opportunity to get the ball. I think this week execution is key. That’s what we are trying to work on, the little details so we can make the plays happen.”


On how the lack of rhythm influenced the offenses performance against Boise State “Yeah, I think we never really got into an offensive rhythm at all. I think the last drive we started to get into kind of a rhythm, but the whole game I feel like, since we were getting those three and outs, we had false starts, and stuff like that.  I just think that this week we’re trying to get into a better rhythm so we can score more points.”


On Jake Browning's performance “I think he had a good game for a true freshman. I think that he read the defense well and I think we just have to do a good job protecting him and getting open for him. We have to make plays for him. He’s young; he’s going to give us chances to make plays, so that’s what we’ve got to do for him.”


On what fans will see this week that is different from last week “I think better execution. We’re going to get into a better rhythm and I think  that they’ll see more points scored on the board.” Top Stories