VIDEO: UW C Siosifa Tufunga - 9/9/15

Washington senior center Siosifa Tufunga spoke to the media Wednesday about Washington’s 16-13 defeat at Boise State, and his take on how the offense played. The offense failed to score a touchdown against the Broncos.

On what he thinks the o-line needs to improve on from last week “I think upfront we just have to get better with our run blocks and stuff. We went against a good team, and we just have to focus on us and work on our techniques and get better.”


On what they learned after going against Boise’s veteran d-line “Again, it’s on us to work on our assignments and techniques and stuff, and control what we can control. It’s on us to improve and get better.”


On the lack of run game against Boise State “You know, everything starts with the line. It’s a team thing but, with the run game especially, everything starts at the line. We just have to get better and improve.”


On Jake Browning and the slow start to the first half “I feel like, again, we started off kind of slow, but towards the end of the game we started picking it up. Jake (Browning) has been doing good, he’s been improving a lot.” Top Stories