Monika Samek/ Predictions: Sacramento State

It's Friday, so that means the guys from are back with their weekend predictions. This week the Washington Huskies (0-1), fresh off a 16-13 loss at ranked Boise State, now drop down to FCS competition as they host Big Sky foes Sacramento State (1-0). The Hornets beat up on Eastern Oregon 41-20 in their season opener. On paper it's an easy UW win, but is that how the Dawgman guys see it - especially with Portland State's monumental upset at Washington State?

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (1-0):

Sacramento State has scored over 40 points in 7 of their last 10 games including their last four.  They have some decent talent on both sides of the ball.   Now whether they can pull a Portland State against the Huskies seems to be a bit of a stretch.  I think if we play like we did in the second half against Boise.  We will win going away.  Home opener and all.  I like our chances.

Prediction: Washington 27-13

Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (0-1):

With as tough a schedule as the Huskies have, they know that any game could be the difference between being bowl eligible and having winter break off. Portland State is also a friendly reminder that Big Sky teams can punish those who look past them. And after last week's disappointing offensive performance, the Huskies have too many reasons to make a strong showing in Saturday’shome opener. The Huskies pull ahead early and it’s insurmountable by half time.

Prediction: Washington 38-6

Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/ (1-0):

Thank the football gods for Sacramento State. For this Husky team to get anything accomplished this year it needs Jake Browning (and the whole offense) to develop some positive muscle memory and the Hornets are a great place to start. The defense looks like it will be able to keep us close in games but not if they're on the field 75 percent of the game. Browning gets more comfortable, the defense creates lots of opportunities for the offense and on a perfect fall day at Montlake, the Dawgs roll

Prediction: Washington 42-13

Chris Fetters - Editor (1-0):

This one is the obvious cupcake, bounce-back game that is supposed to help fatten up Washington's win-loss record, but as we all saw in the Palouse last weekend Big Sky teams are to be ignored at your peril. I don't think Washington will overestimate Sacramento State to any degree, but that still doesn't mean they'll be able to go full guns blazing from the opening kickoff. Jake Browning is still a true frosh quarterback making his first start ever at Husky Stadium, and the Huskies still have big problems on the offensive side of the ball. Who is going to block? Who is going to make the tough running yards when they need them? Who is going to get separation downfield for Browning? Chris Petersen has been right on the money about one thing; this game is all about Washington, but it's even more than that - this is all about the offense getting healthy, getting confident, and getting Browning more turns in his evolution as Washington's next great quarterback. 

Prediction: Washington 41-13

Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (1-0):

No reason that UW shouldn't walk to an easy win in this one. The Huskies have better players, faster players and they are at home. That being said, look what happened to Washington State last weekend. I get the feeling this game will be much like the Georgia State game from last season when things were close at the end of the first half, but by the final gun, the Huskies had an easy win. I see Jake Browning having the leash lengthened a little bit and the Huskies running for 200 yards. Also look for the front seven on defense to get some serious pressure on the Sac State QB and for the secondary to get a pick or two. This one won't be the cakewalk everyone thinks it will be, but the Huskies will come away with a comfortable win.

Prediction: Washington 38-10

Kim Grinolds - CEO (1-0):

This game shouldn't be close. This should be the game where the offense fixes itself.This should be the game where they air it out and run up and down the field. We'll see a little of that. The offense will be hit and miss. There will be signs of life and some frustrating moments. The defense will shine all day

Prediction: Washington 35-10 Top Stories