VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski Post-Game - Sacramento State

Washington Huskies Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski spoke to the media after the Huskies 49-0 win over Sacramento State Saturday at Husky Stadium. The Huskies have now gone six-straight quarters without giving up a point.

On the six consecutive quarters without allowing any points “It’s credit to those kids, believing in each other and going out there and doing their job. We got some good penetration and got some negative yards. It’s awesome.”


On young players that stood out "Tevis Bartlett got to play a lot. Everybody got to play a lot. A guy that kept showing up was Connor (O’Brien). He made a lot of big plays there in the second half. I’m proud of the guys, especially on that red zone turnover. Sudden change, going out there and swelling up and pushing them back and Tani (Tupou) blocking the field goal. That’s huge.”


On the importance of rotating players in on all levels of the defense in a game like this “Well it gets some live reps, live tackling. That’s experience that you can’t get just practicing all the time. These situations are awesome. We get as many guys out there as many reps as we can and it keeps everybody engaged and it keeps everybody fresh.”


On what he saw from Sacramento State coming in and how he tried to stop it “Going into the game, they like to run the inside zone play. We call it with split flow action and a lot of nakeds, so we were really concerned about the run and the quarterback getting out on the edge. It always starts with stopping the run; we wanted to do a good job against that. I think we did a pretty good job of that and getting them in third and longs where we can dictate a little bit whether we’re bringing pressure or four-man rush or max drop.”


On what he saw today that he didn’t see last week “Pretty much the same stuff that they’ve done last week and the games last year. The first drive they did a good job of getting the ball out quick and we were playing more zone coverage to get the guys settled down. Then we started to play a little tighter coverage and we were able to start affecting the quarterback. For the most part we tackled better.  The effort was outstanding again. Until you go back and really delve into the video and study it, just from up there, the tackling was better and we continued with really good effort.”


On if better tackling is what he was looking for this week “Yes, for sure. The first half last week, that was a lot of our problem in the first half, just missing too many tackles, arm tackles. The other was ‘do your job.’ Whatever the call tells you to do, do it. If they make a play, they make a play. But as long we don’t bust and we’re doing our job, they’ve got to earn it.”


On if there’s anything that he wants to improve on from this game “Until I watch it, I don’t know.” Top Stories