VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith speaks to the press after Washington's 49-0 win over Sacramento State

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith speaks to the press after Washington's 49-0 win over Sacramento State Saturday at Husky Stadium. The Huskies racked up 544 yards of total offense against the Hornets.

On the game plan “I think the game plan against a team like that is we want to be able to establish some things in the run game and then take some shots on play-action pass. It didn’t totally pan out how we wanted in regards to just the mix of that. I think still we can do some things better, but I thought guys made some good plays out there.”


On the freshman playing well beyond their years “ Definitely. Chico (McClatcher) had a couple of good plays. Myles (Gaskin) was running the ball well. Those guys need to continue to get out there and continue to show up. They need to continue to improve. We’re counting on them. Obviously Jake (Browning) had some good plays as well. We’re playing some young guys and they showed up today.”


On the importance of getting young players playing well for positive reinforcement “It is big. You have some success, build a little confidence for those guys who get out there. Even those last reps in the second half, guys just getting out there and playing. Trey (Adams) was out there, young receivers were out there, and so that was a positive. There’s still a ton to clean up and we’re going to continue to work at it, but we were happy.”


On the importance of establishing the run “It helps when you can get some runs going for some good yards, especially just down and distance wise, you’re not behind the sticks. And then hitting some of those shots you have down the field makes a huge difference, so we were pleased.”


On getting into a rhythm as a play-caller “It’s gains on first down, mixing-and-matching what you’re doing. It’s trying to stay away from situations where they know you’re going to do one or the other. There’s a comfort level. When the ball is moving, you can call a lot of things. When it’s second and four, you can call a lot of things.”

On scoring 49 points: “Anytime you score like that and win the game, you’re happy, but as coaches, we’re always looking at what could have been better or what could have been done here, but I think there was some confidence built. There’s some execution that needs to be cleaned up. I thought in the run game the backs did a good job of making some guys miss and creating some plays that way. I was really pleased with Jake’s two-minute drive at the end of the half. I felt like we had some nice rhythm there and that was something to build off of. Those kind of stand out to me.”
On how Myles Gaskin did: “I think Myles is a good player. He’s got some vision that is really unique and he’s really good at it. He has a nice pace, vision for the holes, setting some things out and he made some guys miss.”
On why Dwayne Washington is struggling: “I know there was a couple of runs where there was nothing there for Dwayne and he had to bounce the thing outside. Dwayne’s going to be a factor for us, there’s no question, but today, the way things worked out, Myles had a couple of longer runs. Dwayne scored, he bounced it and scored. Those two are going to be mainstays for us.”
On attacking the middle of the field this week: “It’s coverage recognition and what they wanted to play. Some of those times in the run game when it was tough, they had a bunch of guys down in the box. Like I said, I think Jake’s seeing the field pretty well, still can clean up a couple of plays, but those were the calls and the coverage dictated we would throw inside and he did.”
On things slowing down for Jake Browning: “I thought it slowed down for him in that two-minute period at the end of the half. He looked smooth, the ball was coming out on time. He’s seeing it good. There were a couple of times he could have stayed in the pocket a little bit longer, but he’s throwing it accurately and seeing it pretty well.”
On Chico McClatcher: “Dymanic. You can hand it to him and he made a big catch on the pass play.” Top Stories