VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning talks to the media after the Huskies' 49-0 win over Sacramento State

Washington Quarterback Jake Browning Talks To The Media after the Huskies' 49-0 win Saturday over Sacramento State at Husky Stadium. Browning was 17-24 for 326 yards and two touchdowns on the day in his Husky Stadium debut.

His self-assessment: “I thought I did some things well, but definitely some things I can work on. I thought the line, obviously the run-game helped out a lot as far as throwing the ball and all that, but definitely some areas to improve, but happy to get the win.”
On how different it was being at home: “It was different being at home just for traveling and all that. Aside from it being a game, we’d practiced being at home and all that, being at the hotel and knowing where you’re staying and all that so it felt like I had done it before.”
On if he was seeing things better and that is why he was able to make plays: “They left the middle open and I didn’t over think it or think we need to do this or do that, but nothing out of the ordinary.”
On Myles Gaskin's day: “Myles did a great job and I think it starts up front with the line getting a good push and him seeing the hole and shooting in. Obviously he can run, he’s a good player.”
On the final drive of the first half: “We practice (the two minute drill) a lot so I kinda knew what plays were going to get called and I was comfortable with it and you get to take a couple of chances, a couple of shots, and we completed those and we got to continue.”
On throwing his first TD pass: “It felt good to get one obviously, but I didn’t think I needed to get one. Just do your job and win the game.”
On being surprised with Marvin Hall getting the TD pass: “That was a bad read by me. He did a good job of playing the tip, but that was a bad read by me.”
On scoring seven TDs in eight possessions and the confidence from that: “It’s huge. We didn’t score any touchdowns on offense (last week) and to score seven on offense is great. Myles and the offensive line did a great job.” Top Stories