VIDEO: Washington Defensive Lineman Tani Tupou speaks to the media post-game after Huskies 49-0 win over Sacramento State

Washington senior defensive tackle Tani Tupou spoke to the media after Washington’s 49-0 blanking of Sacramento State Saturday at Husky Stadium. Tupou played a big part in the shutout, as he blocked a field goal attempt to preserve the goose-egg.

On the performance of the defense “I thought all my teammates played great. We came out with a chip on our shoulder just from the bad taste in our mouth that we had last week. Last week we started off kind of slow and then we came back and had a solid second half. We just focused this week on starting fast and playing fast. That was our main mind set, to come out and just hit people in the mouth and play ball.”


On the backups preserving the shutout “That was huge. That just shows that if anybody goes down we have the depth and we can trust our backups to have our back no matter what. That’s what we’ve been trying to work on all summer and all offseason. People say we lost all of our front seven and those guys are great players and they’re great add-ons to the team and stuff, but for us this year we focused on playing more collectively as a group and being able to depend on everybody, so that was a big thing.”


On the shutout “It was funny because actually I got the block on the last one and we all came up to the line and we were joking around with each other saying ‘whoever gets the block, tonight’s on us.’ It ended up being me.”


On whether or not he had blocked a kick before “I haven’t. It’s actually funny because everyone makes fun of me because I’m one of the shorter d-lineman with shorter arms, so everyone always makes fun of me. Especially there when I walked in. ‘Oh, the short guy made the block.’ They usually sub in Kaleb McGary for me.”


On why he was out there instead of Kaleb McGary “It was just our one base group, just trying to make something happen.”


On how he blocked the kick “We just lined up. We had a call and we lined up over the tackle and we just told everyone to push. Push and elevate, that’s it. We were able to get enough push on the guard and elevation to block it.” Top Stories