VIDEO: Washington Tight End Josh Perkins talks to the media after the Huskies defeated Sacramento State 49-0

Washington Tight End Josh Perkins talks to the media post-game after he helped the Huskies defeat Sacramento State 49-0 at Husky Stadium on Saturday. Perkins was the favorite target of freshman quarterback Jake Browning, catching five passes for 77 yards.

On his involvement in the offense in the first half, especially on the final drive of the half “It felt really good. We started to throw the ball a little more on that drive. I was just getting open and making plays for my quarterback.”


On Jake Browning's performance “I feel like he was more confident throwing the ball down the field.  I feel like we had a lot more, as you can see, big plays and we really took advantage of the man coverage we were given.”


On whether or not the game plan included more downfield passing this week “I don’t know. I just feel like we made more plays and we were more aggressive play-calling I guess.”


On being the old guy among a lot of young players “It’s fun. I’ve learned a lot from the older guys that have been here before. I’m just trying to teach the young guys and bring them along.”


On the freshman seeming more mature “Yeah. Especially Myles (Gaskin), as you see, he had a very good day today. He’s playing well. Well beyond his years.


On what he expected from Myles Gaskin today “I expected him to have a very good game, and he didn’t disappoint.”


On the chemistry with Jake Browning “I think with a young freshman quarterback, chemistry is going to come week-by-week. We’re just going to grow each week. That’s what we are trying to do.”


On if Browning has surprised him with what he has done so far “He’s been here since spring, so I’ve seen everything Jake (Browning) can do and I’m really happy for him with the way he played today.” Top Stories