VIDEO: UW Senior Receiver Marvin Hall talks to the media post-game after the Huskies defeat Sacramento State 49-0 at Husky Stadium

Washington senior receiver Marvin Hall is now the answer to a future trivia question: Who caught Jake Browning’s first touchdown reception? Hall did, and his 78-yard catch and scamper was one of many offensive highlights in the Huskies’ 49-0 thrashing of Sacramento State Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On what went through his mind when he made the catch and saw only green in front of him “God is good. At that point I felt him hit my foot and I’m like ‘okay, you can’t go down. You have to score. You have to be that spark and make explosive plays’ and that’s what I did.”


On how his first career touchdown reception felt “It feels great. Of course just to be able to make a play for my team, that always feels good. So it feels good.”


On if it felt better than the touchdown pass he threw last year “I don’t know. I did want to be a quarterback back in the day, so it’s probably about even.”


On Jake Browning “Jake (Browning) he’s a little more confident today. He played with a little more swagger. You could tell that he was confident back there. He made great throws. He got a lot of people a lot of touches and did a good job today.”


On Myles Gaskin and Chico McClatcher “It’s so great to see the young guys come in and make an impact on this program. Chico (McClatcher) is in my room all the time, just seeing the way he’s in the meeting room taking notes and grinding as hard as he can to make the plays that he can when he’s able to. It’s just great to see the guys do what they have to do.”


On his touchdown reception “He tipped it and it was deflected and it was in the air and I just saw it and I’m like ‘I have to make this play.’ The ball was there, I caught it and made something happen with it.”


On what the receivers do to practice catching tipped balls “We practice distractions. Usually we have a little pop-up right there and the ball usually comes out of nowhere and you catch it off-guard and that was one of the plays right there.”


On how explosive plays make a difference “There were really no big plays at that point. By making a big play it makes everybody feel ‘okay, it’s time to get going.’ When that happened everybody was ecstatic and ready to play.”


On how Jake Browning has won over the confidence of his teammates “Jake (Browning) is a great guy. He’s always uplifting, he’s positive always, and he’s always coming to work. He’s going to let you know ‘we can be friends right now, but at the end of the day we’re here to win games.’” Top Stories