VIDEO: Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory Talks Tuesday before the Utah State Aggies come to Husky Stadium

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory talked to the media Tuesday, September 15th after the Huskies' practice as they get ready to play Utah State Saturday. Gregory talked about what he took away from the Huskies' 49-0 trouncing of Sacramento State, the way the freshman linebackers played, as well as the Huskies' Azeem Victor.

On what he took away from the Sacramento State game “I think any time you’re playing you can take a lot from it. I think we did what we were supposed to do. I think if it was much less than that that would have been a little bit disappointing. I think our guys played well. We executed what we were supposed to do. We got off the field. They didn’t score so we’re happy with that.”


On how much improvement he has seen two games into the season “I think our first group didn’t play as much last week, so it was really good to see some young guys play. I saw a lot of improvement out of some of those young kids.”


On which young guys caught his eye in Saturday’s 49-0 victory “It sure was good to see Sean Constantine playing well, I think he had a really good game at inside linebacker, Tevis Bartlett, true freshman, and Ben Burr-Kirven, true freshman. It was fun to see those young guys run around and play in really their first college football game with that much time.”


On how much game experience helps young players “You can’t say enough about experience. The more those guys play, the more they see those live bullets, it’s going to help them down the road.”


On if he sees Azeem Victor as a potential star down the road “Correct word, down the road. We are not there yet, but I do think he has a huge upside and a lot of potential. Two weeks ago against Boise was really his first college start, so we’re excited to see him grow.” Top Stories