VIDEO: Washington Safety Budda Baker talks Tuesday before the Utah State Aggies come to town Saturday

Washington Safety Budda Baker talked to the media Tuesday after the Huskies' second practice of the week as they prepare to take on Utah State Saturday at Husky Stadium. Budda talked about the loss of frosh cornerback Austin Joyner, his Husky Stadium debut as a return man, and whether or not he wants to play offense.

On the shutout performance against Sacramento State “It feels real good. The younger guys were involved as much as the starters and everything, because they played a lot too. I remember one time we gave it up on the four yard line and they guys stopped them and blocked a field goal. That kept the goose egg. It feels real good.


On losing Austin Joyner “Personally, I feel like it’s a big loss because he was like me, a real tough guy that always worked and did whatever he was told and never complained. All I know is he’s just going to come back as great as ever.”


On if he thinks the possibility of him playing offense is on the horizon “Maybe. For me, all I can do is control what I can control. I’m just happy playing special teams, happy playing defense, and if they ask me to play offense, I’ll gratefully play that as well. For me, it’s just I can control whatever I can.”


On if he wants to play offense “I feel like a lot of guys would like to play offense. Of course, I would love to be on the field, stay on the field, because, as a player, I don’t like getting off the field.”


On the difficulty of thinking about offense when he’s playing almost every snap at safety “For me, I don’t really think about offense; I just think about defense. I think about what me and my team has to do to help the offense score and to help them get more possessions. I don’t really offense that much.”


On whether he’s more anxious to intercept a pass or return a kick for a touchdown “I got a kick return last week and it was pretty cool, they skied it and I just found a little hole and just ran. That was fun. I feel like, of course, a kick return would be real fun, so either one.”


On if he feels like a leader even though he’s only a sophomore “Kind of, me and Sidney (Jones) both. We’ve got a lot of guys that have been playing and have been playing really good. Now it’s just coming together even more and getting ready for conference and getting ready for Utah State right now.”


On his take on Utah State offensively “I think they’re real good. They have a lot of great receivers; they’ve got a great running back; they’ve got a great, athletic quarterback. I feel like they’re really good and we’re really preparing for these guys.”


On the six-quarter scoreless streak and how that influences the defenses mindset “For us, I feel like we just think about the drive at hand. We don’t really think about ‘oh yeah, we stopped them for one quarter. They have no points. Let’s do it again.’ For us, it’s just going a drive at a time and getting the offense more possessions and more chances to score.


On how the defense helps keep Austin Joyner engaged after his injury “All of us really look after all the younger guys, period. When you have a season-ending injury sometimes you might need that help on the tougher stuff. So, yeah we helped him a lot, but he has a great head on him. He’s not going to get down on himself; he stays positive. He’s just trying to rehab already.” Top Stories