VIDEO: Washington Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate talks Utah State as Huskies prepare to take on Aggies Saturday at Husky Stadium

Washington Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate talked Tuesday about senior defensive tackle Taniela Tupou, the defensive line rotations and being able to see more players as the Huskies ran up the score in their 49-0 win over Sacramento State.

On how Taniela Tupou's good teammate qualities show up “He’s going to do anything he can to help other guys around him. He’s not one of those guys that’s going to be upset if somebody else gets reps or hang his head if he has a bad game if somebody else is playing well. If we’re winning as a team that’s the most important thing to him and I think being a teammate is putting our unit and our team above his personal satisfaction. I think that’s a hard thing to do. You have to really be unselfish. I think Tani (Tupou) gets that.”


On when he saw Tani Tupou’s technique develop “I think it’s hard for a guy like Tani (Tupou) when you’re sitting behind some of the guys that he was behind for a long time. It’s not like he didn’t improve or show flashes of being the really good player that he is. It’s just, how do you step over a top of a Danny (Shelton) or an Andrew (Hudson) when Andrew was having the type of season that he did a year ago. Being buried on the depth chart a little bit it’s easier to get frustrated and maybe not perform up your abilities at times. Rather than doing that, Tani (Tupou) just embraced the fact that his time was coming and his opportunity is here now and he’s making the most of it.”


On if he sensed any frustration from Tani Tupou last year “I think maybe with himself at times, you know, when he would get opportunities and wouldn’t disengage or make plays. We all want to do our best and I think there were times where he felt he could probably have performed a little bit better, even in the little limited opportunities that he had. I think he’s maximizing those opportunities now and taking full advantage of the situation that’s here in front of him and doing everything he can to help us win games.”


On it being encouraging seeing Tani Tupou getting the blocked kick against Sacramento State “Yeah, absolutely. You can see the kind of energy that he brings. He’s awesome.”


On getting more players more reps against Sacramento State “I think that was a really important part of the deal for us, getting all of those guys opportunities and seeing how they’re going to respond in game situations. Jaylen (Johnson) played a few more reps this week than he did last week. Will (Dissly) got the opportunity to get out there not quite as much, he had a little illness early in the week and missed a practice, and so he didn’t quite play as much. Another guy that played a bunch was Shane Bowman. He did a nice job in his opportunities as well.” Top Stories