VIDEO: Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls talks Utah State as the Huskies prepare to take on the Aggies Saturday at Husky Stadium

Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls talked Tuesday about the strength of the defense being the depth and quality in numbers, a change from last year. He also talked about what the six-straight shutout quarters means to the defense and how that has given them momentum as they look to keep it going against Utah State Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On if they pay much attention to the six-quarter scoreless streak or if they just look at it like they’re playing well “No, it’s just like we’re playing good football. Obviously, the goal on any defensive drive is to not allow any points at all, so we don’t take it as thinking ‘oh, we haven’t let anybody score on us for six quarters and we’re just going to try to pitch shutouts all the time’ even though that’s the goal. We’re just taking it play-by-play, series-by-series and quarter-by-quarter, just trying to get three-and-outs, turnovers, and get the ball back. That’s our job.”


On if he sees the rotation starting to build consistency “I mean, our rotation is going to be more specific, but we’re still going to get players out there. We’re still going to have our three noses rotating, all our tackles rotating in a lot of people. That’s something I told people at the beginning of the year, like ‘the strength of our defense is going to be our depth. We have people that can play that are backing up starters. We could have second-string players that could go play somewhere or start somewhere on d-line, DBs, linebackers, we all have people that can play. The rotation is part of our strength. We’re going to have fresh players all the time because we’re able to rotate and we’re not afraid of putting our two od three defense in there and them giving up plays. Our three defense was part of the reason that we pitched a shutout. Our three defense got in when we turned the ball over inside the 10 yard line against Sacramento State and they pushed them out of field goal range. Like I said, that’s our strength.”


On the switch from a defense that relied less on depth last year to a defense that uses depth so much this year “I mean obviously it betters us because we don’t have to worry about just our d-line being our strength and having to depend on that. We have strength everywhere. Honestly, our only weakness is our youth, and that’s just because we haven’t been in certain situations and we haven’t been able to be in the game situations as long. There’s no place that we don’t have talent and playmakers. I love my defense. I really do. I love my defense.” Top Stories