VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith talks to the media Wednesday as Huskies prepare for Utah State

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media Wednesday as the Huskies continue to prepare to take on the Utah State Aggies Saturday at Husky Stadium. He talked about the progress of true freshman quarterback Jake Browning, and whether or not true freshman Myles Gaskin has taken over the top running back spot over Dwayne Washington.

On the improvement from week one to week two “I think we were improved. I think the confidence was up from game one; some of the jitters from game one were out. There’s still a good amount to clean up, obviously, but I think our confidence showed in game two.”


On how easy play calling gets when a player finds a groove like Myles Gaskin did against Sacramento State “No question. It makes thing easier when he can make a couple guys miss out there in the run game. Myles (Gaskin) is a talented player, but we still have some other guys that can tilt the rock as well. It was fun to see him carry the ball.”


On how spot on Jake Browning was at times against Sacramento State “He was. I really just look at that last drive of the first half. Just built some confidence there, he was throwing it on time, seeing it very well. He made some good plays as well outside of that drive, but that drive showed to me that he is making some progress.”


On preparing for the high-pressure defense of Utah State “They’re aggressive. They’re unique in their scheme as well in their pressure packages and they create some havoc that way. So we need to be dialed in protection. They show some different looks, so it has been a big emphasis in practice.”


On if he expects Utah State to come after Jake Browning more than other teams have “You never really know. I think we expected Boise to come after Jake (Browning) more than they did. So you don’t exactly know what they’re going to do, but we have to be prepared for both ends.”


On how to prepare Jake Browning for against Utah State “Really in film preparation, showing him all these different looks. At the same time, when you talk about a quarterback, you really want to throw to openness, so getting your eyes to the right spot and a guy’s open, let’s throw it to him. Trying to recognize all the stuff they’ve done as he gets the ball in his hands on the snap is going to be tough. He’s just got to see who is open and throw it to him.”


On if it’s possible to know how Jake Browning is at blitz pickup this early in his career “I think he’s going to have to see more and more. I think in practice he can try to point some things out, but the more he plays the better he’ll get at it.”


On if they ever tell Jake Browning to throw it away instead of extend the play “He hasn’t got caught too many times getting sacked for some big gains, but he’s been pretty close a couple of times. We point that out. Sometimes a throw away is definitely better than a sack, but a sack is better than an interception. He’s just got to feel it out there and be smart.”


On if Jake Browning’s mobility and ability to keep plays alive has been surprising “He sure has. It’s funny too because he made one play where he got out of a late, like on the four yard line, sack, but then he can’t just walk in the end zone when he pulled the ball out, so I don’t know how that plays out.”


On if he was a runner in high school “He has not been a runner in high school. Some of that is because he is such a good passer, seeing things and getting the ball out. He hadn’t been much of a runner.”


On if they had given Jake Browning any grief for his near rushing touchdown where he tripped on his way to the end zone “Yeah, we pointed it out a couple of times obviously in our quarterback room and then I pulled it out in front of the offense.”


On what Myles Gaskin has done to be successful and if he is the number one back “In those backs, Myles (Gaskin) has made the most of his opportunities for sure, especially in that game two. I think it’s just really early. Two games, Myles had some good runs, but all those guys are going to continue carrying the load. We haven’t said ‘hey, here’s one, two, and three’ at all. Each of them are going to get their opportunities week three and week four. If someone really separates by the middle of the season, then we might make them more of a pecking order.”


On if Myles Gaskin offers something that allows the offense to call plays that can’t be done with the other backs “We’re not really doing that at this point. Whatever back is in is going to run the call. There’s definitely some things we feel good with Dwayne (Washington) at and with Myles (Gaskin) at, but nothing we’re separating right now.”


On if they decide which running back gets carries series-by-series “Some of that, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t totally know which backs go in. Coach Bhonapha rotates guys and I’ll recognize when the series starts. But there wasn’t anything ‘hey, get Myles (Gaskin) back in there.’”


On Trey Adams debut “He did some good things. He’s come a long ways. He did some good things in just breaking the ice for him. We’re going to kind of continue to do that, force the issue with him because he’s got some talent. He can help us once he settles in, knows what he’s doing. It was fun to see him out there.”


On Taniela Tupou playing fullback “It was fun to get him in there. That’s a play made for him. With his body type, he’s a physical player. He did a good job on a couple of goal line run type situations.”


On Chico McClatcher getting more involved offensively against Sacramento State “Chico (McClatcher) is a good player. He can do some things with the ball in his hands. We really have been pleased with Chico in regards to how much he’s catching the ball. Starting fall camp we weren’t totally certain because he is a unique player, he can do a lot of different things, but he has been a sound receiver for us. We knew we could hand it to him on stuff, but he’s been good there. He’s in the return game as well.”


On if everything is okay with Darrell Daniels “Darrell (Daniels) has been fine. He didn’t play a whole lot. That came down to a little bit of the personnel groups we were doing. We’re not down on Darrell in any way. You’ll see him back out here on Saturday. He’s doing fine.” Top Stories