VIDEO: Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha talks to the media ahead of the Huskies game versus Utah State

Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha spoke to the media Wednesday as the Huskies continue to prepare for Saturday's game at Husky Stadium versus the Utah State Aggies. Bhonapha talked about Myles Gaskin and Dwayne Washington and if the running backs will have opportunities for some explosive plays against an aggressive Utah State defense.

On what Myles Gaskin is doing different than the other backs “I don’t know if he’s necessarily doing anything different. I think he just got some great opportunities with the ball in his hands and obviously I think the thing that helped him on a couple of the runs was his patience, a chance to really be patient and let the blocks develop and really take advantage of those situations.”


On what Dwayne Washington needs to change to be more productive “The way this thing goes, it’s a long season. I would hate to say something ‘this is exactly what he’s doing wrong or this is what he’s doing wrong.’ I think as he keeps going and keeps developing throughout the season he’s going to be productive for us. Everybody was hoping for these big astronomical plays, 60-yard, 70-yard runs, and those will come. But, like I said before just for the whole group, we just have to continue to be consistent and that’s the thing that’s going to help us take the next step as a group.”


On what Taniela Tupou adds to the running game when he’s used at fullback “You know, another big body, a guy that can get leverage on guys, a guy that has a low center of gravity who can move guys out of the way. That’s what it takes.”


On Utah State “Great team. Those guys definitely have had some good game the first two games. You watch those guys really the past seasons since coach Wells has been there. They’re a very competitive team; those guys play hard. They’re coming in here to give us a good game. We just have to make sure we’re dialed in our preparation and what we need to do to be consistent and get better this week.”


On if the way Utah State gambles on defense allows opportunities for big plays “There are always opportunities on offense, you just have to take advantage of them. I hate to say that the gamble; those guys have a great scheme, just like we have a great scheme on offense and on defense as well. Like you said, you have to take advantage of your opportunities when they do come, especially with a team that’s going to come in here and play like these guys will.”


On if the was Utah State plays changes things with pass protection “I hate to different. I think one of the things that we do have to do is make sure as an offense, from the line to the quarterbacks to the running backs as well, is to make sure we’re dialed into what we’re looking at, the looks that we’re getting, and prepare to execute when protection is needed.” Top Stories