VIDEO: Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease talks to the media Wednesday as the Huskies prepare for Utah State

Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease spoke to the media Wednesday as the Huskies continue to prepare for the Utah State Aggies this Saturday at Husky Stadium. He talked about the improvement of the true frosh receivers, as well as the chemistry the receivers have with true freshman quarterback Jake Browning.

On what switching numbers to honor John Ross III says about Jaydon Mickens “Well, I think as time’s gone along, that he’s found out that it’s about the game and how he can kind of pay tribute to other members and make it more of a team game. When you get older I think your scope of where your focus is starts to channel in to what is most important for the team and how to win and what the process is all about.”


On what it’s been like to watch the true freshman progress “It’s been big. They’re very talented kids, so I see them improving every day and really it’s their approach. Every kid is a little different. Chico (McClatcher) has got such an aggressive ‘I want to do it all’ approach, and the other guys are learning and getting their playing time. They’re all very smart and they’re all very talented and it’s just got to be a continuing process. I think in the long run they’re all going to be really good football players for the University of Washington. I’m excited by how they learn, how they work about it. They’re still probably a little bit physically behind at points just because of strength and conditioning, how most kids have gone through offseason, which they haven’t had yet. They’ll catch up with that.”


On how the receiver group’s chemistry with Jake Browning has developed “I think you can see it improving. I think there’s still some times where you just have to make sure that you’re still on it, whether you’re getting the ball or not. There’s been some times where we still need to be on it a little bit more believing that we’re getting the ball. We’re not perfect yet but they still have got a good approach to how they’re learning.” Top Stories