VIDEO: Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao talked to the media as the Huskies prepare for Utah State

Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao spoke to the media Wednesday as the Huskies continue to prepare to take on the Utah State Aggies Saturday at Husky Stadium. Paopao talked about his position group, new boy Connor Griffin, as well as Darrell Daniels and redshirt frosh Drew Sample.

On Connor Griffin “Well I think he’s made tremendous leaps and bounds just being two years removed from football. I really think he’s made tremendous amounts of strides just run blocking and being physical again and really getting used to the physical nature of the game. Just watching his leaping ability, his ball skills, he is a supreme talent and someone that I’m really looking forward to working with the next couple of years.”


On what Connor Griffin brings to the table “I mean, like I said unbelievable ball skills. He jumps a tremendous amount, body control, and he probably has one of the most natural feelings just in terms of catching everything around him. His catching radius is out of this world.”


On watching Connor Griffin transition back into the feel of the game “I think one of the best things about him is just his work ethic, his hunger to get better every single day, to really learn formations, run concepts, where he’s supposed to be. You can tell he’s an extremely intelligent kid because he picks things up; he retains things extremely quickly, which has helped him a lot to be able to have a chance to be able to see the field, especially on Saturdays. That’s thing for him, just ultimately understanding the playbook and using his athleticism to his advantage.”


On the depth of the tight end group “I think it’s phenomenal. The cool thing about it is in the last two weeks we’ve had four different starters. That’s something that is unique about us, especially with our personnel groups, and something we continue to try to build on the entire time. For me, as a position coach, it’s tremendous to be able to have such a multitude of different people to be able to work with, and different skillsets and be able to match up their strengths the whole entire time.”


On how he balances the tight end depth “I think we’re just literally trying to put the guys in the best position possible to really emphasize their strengths. Also, at the same time, just kind of mix-and-matching those different guys is something that really helps us with offensive tendencies.”


On Darrell Daniels and if he’s more of a receiver or a tight end “Well I think the best thing is he’s a tight end that just happens to run really, really well and catch the ball. That’s something that we’re going to use his ability to be able to stretch down the field for sure. I think the biggest thing is everyone needs to continue to push to become more well rounded. That’s the overall goal, is to be able to not be so personnel heavy and be able to continue to keep guys on the field the whole entire time. With four guys that have started the last week, it will be a pretty cool deal to see who starts this week.”


On Drew Sample “Drew Sample has been a tremendous deal for us because I really truly think that he is one of the bigger upsides for the whole group because he is a physical run blocker, he is to hold the edge, and I also think that he has flashed a tremendous amount of athleticism and natural hands. I really get fired up talking about that kid because he’s such a quick learner; everything just really comes easily to him in terms of playbook and understanding where he’s going. You really only have to correct him once any time that he’s on the field.


On if targeting the middle of the field last week excited his group “Hopefully I’m keeping them motivated enough to run down the field every single play, but I think any time that you have a productive game like that out of (Joshua) Perkins there’s definitely an added sense of excitement, or anything along those lines, to be able to try to push down the field. I also think what’s really starting to show up is the time that Perkins and Jake (Browning) spend together watching film. You can kind of see the timing come together.”


On if it matters who the starter is “I’m just hoping that it helps keep defensive coordinators guessing at this point. Like I said, we continue to push the whole entire time and make these guys more well rounded.” Top Stories