VIDEO: Washington Left Tackle Coleman Shelton talked to the media as the Huskies get ready to face Utah State

Washington Offensive Tackle Coleman Shelton spoke to the media Wednesday as the Huskies prepare to take on the Utah State Aggies Saturday at Husky Stadium. Shelton talked about the offensive line improvement from game one to game two, as well as Trey Adams and how quickly the freshman left tackle is picking up the position.

On the 49-0 win over Sacramento State “We obviously ran the ball better and we just felt more confident throughout the week just working hard and just trying to get every yard we could on the ground, because that was the most important thing to us. Also protecting Jake is key and I feel like we’ve been doing a pretty good job with that and just keep working.”


On how running the ball successfully against Sacramento State has helped the confidence of the o-line “It does a lot considering we didn’t run the ball too well against Boise and then coming out against Sacramento State and just imposing our will and doing what we wanted to do on the ground. It’s real good to see as an offensive line, knowing we can do that.”


On if chemistry of the group has developed “Oh, yeah. Definitely. We’re a real tight group, just the whole offensive line in general. We all like hanging around each other and we’re all friends with each other, so even on the field the starting five, it doesn’t really matter, whoever’s in there we all know each other well/”


On Trey Adams “He’s a good kid. He’s been working real hard. He’s huge. He’s 6’7”. He’s a real good guy. He’s coming up and he’s going to be a real good player.”


On if he’s learning plays quicker than the average freshman “As a true freshman, everything is so just brand new and it’s so hard to learn, but he’s doing well. He’s learning plays real well and that’s tough to new coming in off scratch, not knowing anything about this offense.”


On looking forward to the matchup against Utah State “Yeah. It’s a good test for us. They’re a good team. We have a lot of respect for them. They bring a lot of blitzes so we’re going to have to be ready and be assignment key every play.” Top Stories