VIDEO: Washington receiver Jaydon Mickens talks to the media as the Huskies continue to prepare for Utah State

Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens talked to the media Wednesday as the Huskies prepare to face the Utah State Aggies at Husky Stadium. Mickens talked about the improvement he saw from game one to game two, as well as what the receiver can do as a group to help true freshman quarterback Jake Browning against an aggressive Aggies defense.

On the improvement he saw from week one to week two in the receiver group “With the receiver group, I saw a lot more confidence in what we were doing. For a quarterback, you have to hone in and get down to your receivers, but also from a receiver standpoint, you have to get better development and timing with your quarterback. Over the weeks of practice, you can see it out there on the field last Saturday that became a trend. Everybody was getting involved; a lot of young guys were getting involved and doing what they need to do. It’s been progressing.”


On how much confidence matters for a young receiver group “Yeah, totally. Just like my freshman year, coach Sark just threw me out there and let me get a feel. Of course I was going to mess up on a lot of things, but I wouldn’t be were I am today, with the confidence and knowing the game as much, if I didn’t get that experience along the road my true freshman year. So, to see them out there getting things fast, getting calls, getting signals, understanding defenses, is promising for us this year and also for the future.”


On what improvement he saw from Jake Browning from week one to week two “Just seeing him improve on extending the play, keeping his eyes down field, no matter if the pressure is coming.  There’s still a lot of work to be done in that area, still some work to be done on letting plays develop but he’s been doing a tremendous job from that. I say get ‘better at it’ meaning we’re not going to be perfect unless we’re in the hall of fame yet, so we need to continue and get better on everything.”


On how the receivers can alleviate some of the pressure Jake Browning will be getting from the Utah State Defense “Make plays, catch the ball, get up field, score touchdowns, get first downs. We don’t want third-and-10. We don’t want third-and-eight, third-and-longs. We want second-and-four. We need things like that to get those guys to back off and get a great running game coming off and just make plays in the passing game.”


On the screen passes and what has been failing in execution “You’re going to have to talk to coach Smith. I just run the plays. If they haven’t been working we probably haven’t been executing the way we’re supposed to be executing them and have in the past. Also, teams are more relentless and try to get those bubble screens and all those screens blown up. We’re going to stick to what we do and we’re going to keep working and we’re going to progress while doing it.” Top Stories