POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski

Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski addressed the media after the Huskies gave up 10 defensive points and only 254 total yards of offense in UW's 31-17 win over the Aggies Saturday at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium in Seattle.

On the game plan going into today’s game “To control the run. If they were going to move the ball they would have to do it passing and we just wanted to keep Chuckie (Keeton) in check.”


On the toughness of Chuckie Keeton “I’ve seen that guy a lot over the years and he’s a big time competitor. They weren’t going to go away no matter what the score was.”


On how he felt the defense responded to the sudden changes that happened in the second half “We had a couple sudden changes, went out there, and held them to no points. If Kevin (King) blocks for Brandon (Beaver), he scores a touchdown on that one. That’s football. The ball bounces funny and we’ve got to respond to whatever is presented to us and I think the guys did an awesome job of that tonight.”

On the progression of the front seven with all its depth “Just keep getting better. Every practice is an opportunity to develop more skill. I think the effort has been outstanding. We’re going to keep that up. We just have to keep that skill and becoming better players at whatever position that we play.”


On how Budda Baker leaving the game changed the defense “No, nothing really other than Budda (Baker) wasn’t out there, it was Jojo (McIntosh). The game plan was the game plan. Jojo went out there and did a pretty good job of executing and knowing what he was supposed to do. We always hate to have someone hurt and go down, but the next guy up. You’ve got to pick that flag up and you’ve got to go.”


On Azeem Victor “Azeem (Victor) is just one of those guys that has a nose for the ball and plays fast and can move sideline to sideline. He’s one of those that just keep building that skill and he’s going to get more production because he’s going to not miss as many tackles. It’s little stuff like that we just have to keep working.”


On Keishawn Bierria “It’s funny because I always remember the ones were they miss a tackle. He was in the backfield. At the end of the day we felt good about the performance, but we always have to be looking for the next deal and we’ve got to keep working to get better. The effort has been awesome, guys running to the ball and everything. It has been great.”


On the matchup against California next week “Real good quarterback. We played them last year and I know he can chuck it, third or first or second in the country in passing. Enjoy this win tonight and get on those guys tomorrow.”


On how aggressive he felt he could be with his front seven today knowing how good Chuckie Keeton is “That’s one of the things. Our concern was him. If we max drop, him scrambling around and letting the coverage breakdown and then him finding open guys. Conversely, if you bring pressure and you don’t do a good job with leveraging him, he can hurt you that way too. At the end of the day you’ve got mix it and you’ve got to be able to play some man coverage, you’ve got to play zone and change up the windows. Overall, I think we did a good job. Even when he did sort of get out there was a guy right there and he couldn’t get his shoulders turned or he couldn’t look down field. Overall, I think we did a pretty good job.”


On if he was uncertain about his defense coming in to this season “I always have uncertainty. At the end of the day if the guys buy-in, believe, and play hard, that’s why it’s a team sport. I think a lot of the doubters, because of all of the guys we lost last year, fueled those guys. We can do some stuff so I think that helped motivate these guys.”


On if there was a quiet confidence about this defense “Until you go out and do it, you’re doing it against your offense and you see all the plays, ‘are they making plays because they know our offense or are they making plays because they can make plays?’ We’ll see. It’s only going to get harder, so we’ve got to keep plugging away. The thing that’s been awesome with these guys is the toughness as far as whatever faces them. It’s all about competing, don’t back down and keep swinging. It is what it is, but, competitors, that’s what you do. You go out there and you keep battling. They’ve been doing that.”


On if the success of his young defense has been satisfying to him “As coaches you always expect to do that anyway. I’m happy that these guys are playing as hard as they are. The key from a coach’s standpoint is you’ve got to keep putting them back-to-back. You’ve got to practice on SundayTuesdayWednesday, those are opportunities to get better. If they can just stay locked in on that and not succumb to the grind of the season we’re going to keep getting better. We’ll see what happens.” Top Stories