POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Post-Game: Utah State. The Huskies OC talked to the media about how the offensive did, racking up 442 yards as UW defeated Utah State 31-17 Saturday at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium. Smith talked about freshman quarterback Jake Browning, who threw for 368 yards.

On what has impressed him the most about Jake Browning in his development since Boise State “I think he has progressed, that’s been impressive. He’s just looking more and more comfortable and confident out there. I’ve been kind of impressed by his ability to extend plays a couple of times. I thought that would have been an issue, but he’s escaped so far. He’s made mostly good decisions with the ball, throwing it away when it’s not there. He’s made some plays outside of it. We always knew he could play from the pocket, but that’s been impressive for us.”


On what you learn about Jake Browning after he throws an interception then completes 12 consecutive passes “He’s got a mindset now; he doesn’t get rattled. That’s why we even thought going into Boise; I thought his poise and demeanor didn’t change up-and-down, throw a good ball, throw a bad one. He’s a competitive kid. He didn’t bat an eye at it.”


On the game plan coming into today’s game “I thought if we could protect we could throw the ball, which I thought we did a good job of, protecting. We had some young guys out there and they did a good job in protection. That was a concern because they had a lot of pressure packages and what not. So that was a little bit of the plan. We feel like if we can protect we can throw it. It played out that way.”


On if he had ever had a situation where there were four replaced lineman in one week “No. No we haven’t. Those guys did a good job. Credit Chris Strausser. I know we could have run the ball a little bit better, but our protection was our main concern and they protected really well.”


On the reason behind changing players around on the offensive line “I think some of it was reps. Some of it was a little bit of guys not being completely healthy. At the same time, you’ve got to just throw them in there and see what they can do. Trey (Adams) is not redshirting, so he’s going to go. Boomer (Sosebee) is not redshirting, he played a little bit, he’s going to go. Kaleb (McGary) had played some but hadn’t started. It was time for those guys to get a turn at it and they did well.”


On if Jake Browning getting into a rhythm makes him want to just call passing plays “Some of those throws are run-pass option throws and he’s throwing it, so he could hand it off. He battled back really well after that interception to start the half. It was a miserable way to start the half and he battled back from it. He looked good.”


On what happened on Jake Browning’s interception “They were late lining up and it was the wrong coverage to the wrong throw in the wrong coverage.”


On what the design of the play was that resulted in a touchdown pass to Drew Sample “We put Tani (Tupou) in the game thinking they were going to think we were going to just smash it in. We were actually trying to throw a pop-pass to David Ajamu. Drew (Sample) was even a factor in that play. He wasn’t open and Jake extends it, which was a little bit scary. He made the decision to throw it to Drew and it worked out.”


On Jake Browning’s reverse-pivot to evade pass rush “That’s something that’s come natural to him. It’s worked and he’s gotten out on it a couple of times. Some of it is you get the guy sitting there for a second and they beeline for him and then you can pivot out. It’s worked for him.” Top Stories