POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning

Washington freshman quarterback Jake Browning threw for 368 yards and three touchdowns as the Washington Huskies defeated Utah State 31-17 Saturday at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium. Browning talked about his touchdown passes, including Drew Sample’s first career catch that went for a touchdown, as well as his scrambling ability, and more.

On things slowing down for him: “Yeah, third college game, just keep grinding away at film. Gotta keep grinding at film, stuff like that, it’s been slowing down a little bit but still a lot to learn from the take and I’m going to study to make sure we get better next week.”
On what he’ll focus on to get better next week: “A lot of film, a lot of practice, stuff like that, but I haven’t really thought a lot about it.”
On recovering after the interception: “You have to have a short term memory. Dumb play by me. You can’t make that throw, especially at the half, we had a big momentum shift, we had the momentum going into the half, but the defense did a good job of getting the ball back on Kevin King's pick, but I have to move on because if you go in the tank, that’s a whole half in the tank and you just can’t let that happen. I think there was a lot of plays made by other players to help me get out of that funk, I guess. No one like’s throwing picks, but you have to move on.
On the running game struggling: “Utah State’s a good team, but when they are bringing a lot of pressure like that, that’s part of the reason we had some big plays. If they’re going to bring pressure, they’re going to stop the run every once in a while, but they kept battling and when they bring that pressure, you start hitting those big plays and stuff like that. They kept blitzing and they kept bringing pressure, so that’s part of what they do. Not a lot of people have run the ball well against them.”
On the touchdown pass to Drew Sample: “It was kinda risky. Luckily it turned out the way it did. He got behind the DB and I thought I put a little too much air under it, but he went up and made a good play on it.”
On the touchdown pass to Dwayne Washington: “Dropped back, they got soft and all that, so I just went to my check down. He’s an athletic dude so any check down to him can turn into a big play and that’s what happened.”
On the playbook possibly opening up: “We’re running a lot of the same plays, but most of it’s just gameplan. The more and more film people put out, we start to figure out what they run and with Boise (State), we think they’re going to run a certain thing, but because they’ve had the whole offseason, a lot can change, so going into each game more and more film is being put out on different teams so there’s more to watch. As far as play-calling and opening things up, you have to talk to coach Smith. I just run the plays he calls.”
On the pressures he saw today vs. what he saw vs. Boise State: “Boise didn’t bring a bunch of pressure, but with Utah State, they like to blitz a lot, they send stunts and stuff like that and our line did a good job of picking that up. I can’t think of very many instances where a guy who was supposed to be blocked, came free, so they did a good job with that.”
On if he had to scramble in high school like he did today: “It’s a totally different game. You can’t compare that. High School to college is a completely different game, you can’t really make a comparison about that. A lot of those, they covered up a concept well and on the pass to Dwayne (Washington), I flushed out a little bit, but I probably could have stayed in there a little longer.” Top Stories