POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Safety Brandon Beaver talks about his interception return in Huskies' 31-17 win over Utah State

Brandon Beaver, the junior safety from Compton, Calif., came up with the longest interception return in Washington Huskies history - 96 yards - as the Huskies defeated the Aggies 31-17 at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium Saturday. He talked about the play with the press afterward.

On the development of the 96-yard interception return “In the red zone, a lot of teams like to throw double posts. I was guarding number two, and he did the first post, so I jumped to the next window and the ball hit me right in my chest, kind of like what we practice and one of the principals coach Lake preaches, so it just worked out for me.”


On the talk on the sideline after the interception “Everybody was talking about my conditioning. I need to take wind sprints serious. I never had to run 100 yards in a game like that before, so it was kind of tiring. I got burned out faster than I thought it would.”


On him having the longest interception return in Washington history “I do? That’s big time right there. I wish it was 100 yards though.” Top Stories