POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Tight End Drew Sample talks to the press after the Huskies defeated Utah State 31-17

Drew Sample, the redshirt frosh tight end from Bellevue, caught his first career UW pass, a three-yard touchdown, as the Huskies defeated Utah State 31-17 Saturday at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium. He talked about the play, and more.

On his first touchdown “It was amazing. It was great. I caught the ball and then everyone just kind of rushed me. It was the greatest feeling ever. It was awesome.”


On Jake Browning scrambling to keep that play alive “I knew he was dodging guys left and right. I kind of just tried to leak out and he kind of just saw me, threw it up, and it was a good play.”


On how many people were on him “I don’t know. I just fell with it and it was just pure joy after that.”


On if he thought he would have this much playing time as a redshirt freshman “I don’t know for sure. All the tight ends and me, we just work hard. We’ve been through fall camp. I missed some time this spring so I knew fall camp was going to be a big time for me to kind of take that next step and grow some more. I think it’s been good. We’ve got a deep room so we have lots of guys playing.”


On what the Aggies did to make it tough to run the ball “They bring lots of pressure. I think for us, it was just we can always do better communicating just with each other and getting our calls out and stuff. Each game I think we’re going to get a little better just because we get more experience under our belt. We have a lot of young guys. I think just every game we’re going to continue to grow.”


On if he’s still working out some butterflies when playing “Yeah. I mean, just running out of that tunnel, there’s no feeling like it. I think this game I felt a little more calm compared to the first two games so I think for sure each game is kind of go out there, not as many butterflies, just more confidence.”


On the young lineman that started today “I mean, it’s great. I’ve worked a lot with them in camp. Those guys all know their stuff. They’re all talented players so just for them to get out there, like I said, the more games we play the better we’re going to be. Just get those games under our belt and more experience.”


On what they need to improve on before conference play “Like I said, just communication I think is a big one for us, just everyone being on the same page and everyone just win their one-on-ones and working together as a team. We had a good week of practice last week and I think everyone is going to be excited to start PAC-12 play this next week.”


On if he has chemistry with Jake Browning “I mean, yeah, we work with those guys and obviously Jake (Browning) came in early so we all had time with him in spring and off season throwing. I think a lot of guys have just because he likes to spread the ball around and he’s an easy guy to have chemistry with. He slings the ball pretty well.”


On if he heard his teammates or the crowd more after his touchdown “It was probably the teammates. I probably heard David (Ajamu) first.” Top Stories