POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Placekicker Tristan Vizcaino talks to the media after Huskies 31-17 win over Utah State

Tristan Vizcaino, the sophomore placekicker from Chino Hills, Calif., spoke to the press about his touchdown scored off a fake field goal attempt Saturday as the Huskies defeated Utah State 31-17 at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium.

©M. Samek / SCOUT
On his thoughts when the fake kick was called “Catch the ball. We saw the look and we knew it was a good one. We’ve been practicing it all week and it felt right. When I got in there I was just thinking ‘run as fast as I can,’ and I got in the end zone. It was a good day.”


On moving a little before the snap “I tried to play it off a little bit. There was a little miscommunication on the snap count there, but luckily they didn’t call a false start and we got the play off and it worked out, so it was all good.”


On if that was the first time he’s scored a touchdown lining up as a kicker “Yeah; as a kicker, yeah. On this stage it was awesome. Definitely.”


On getting to score a touchdown, kick the extra point, then kickoff “Yeah, I mean, it’s fun. Every single rep that you can be out there it’s a good time and I enjoy it. It was fun just to be out there for that amount of time and get that amount of plays today. It was a good time definitely.”


On his mindset during the trick play “I’m pretty good about staying calm when I’m out on the field. I think I was mainly just focused on the task that was at hand and what I had to do and going through my steps, making sure that it wasn’t to obvious. I kind of had a little almost false start there, but I was pretty calm, cool, and collected and just focusing on catching the ball and running in the end zone.”


On if that play worked in practice “Actually in practice we got stuffed almost every time. It was good that it worked out this time. We were happy about that.” Top Stories