VIDEO: Washington Defensive Line Coach Jeff Coate talks about the California Golden Bears

Washington Defensive Line/Special Teams Coach Jeff Choate talked to the media on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 as the Huskies prepare to take on the California Golden Bears this coming weekend in the first game of Pac-12 play for both teams.

On who made the call on the fake field goal “The head man is always in charge of that. It was something that we saw in film alignment wise that as a staff we felt like if the look was right we had a good opportunity for that to happen. A lot of the credit goes to Jeff Lindquist in that situation, coming in and really understanding this is exactly what we want it to look like and if not we’ll take the points, and Jeff was dialed in. Those guys did a nice a job executing.”

On Jeff Lindquist’s work as a holder and special teams player “Jeff is pretty good there. Our punt team is like a Rubiks Cube; we call it a Rubiks Cube. It’s so complicated at times in terms of the numbers with all the different formations that we run. That’s another area where his value is a little bit little under appreciated by the casual fan. He’s really important for us in that phase as well.”


On what he thought when Tristan Vizcaino got a little antsy and moved early “I thought they were just going to bail out and it was going to be a dead play, but I guess those guys were just so locked in on the ball, which is what they’re supposed to be locked in on, on their get off they didn’t really notice it. I thought number five, who was off the ball, would have just pulled out. It happens and it still worked out. It was a really nice job and a nice snap by Ryan (Masel). Once Tristan (Vizcaino) got it he wasn’t getting caught.”


On how practicing and using trick plays adds some fun “Yeah, it keeps them engaged. That’s one of the things I’ve always felt like. Whether you call them trick plays or exotics, I think those are things that kids enjoy, they’re fun for them, it gets maybe some other guys involved, in that situation Tristan (Vizcaino), and I think it’s good for the team in general.”


On his defensive line “I think they’ve been playing extremely well. It’s a different type of group. The productivity in terms of the numbers of the sacks and the tackles might not be the same as they were with Danny (Shelton) and Hau’oli (Kikaha), specifically a year ago. I think that the growth of our defense overall, and you look at how productive Keishawn and Azeem have been, I think a lot of the credit does go to our guys up front. They’ve been doing an awesome job resetting the line of scrimmage and those offensive lineman are having to stay on doubles because we’re creating separation and they cant get to the linebackers. We’re playing together well as a unit. I think coach Kwiatkowski, coach Gregory, coach Lake, and coach Petersen, all of us would say ‘it always starts upfront.’ As long as we’re playing well upfront we have a chance to be pretty good.”


On the importance for Elijah Qualls to get pressure up the middle “I think, you talk about the sacks, last year was very much an anomaly in terms of the number of sacks that we got. We’re really looking at quarterback hits. You look at the Sacramento State where we had eight and that guy started giving us the ball late in the game. You look at last week where we had twelve; Chuckie (Keeton) started giving us the ball. Those things add up. We have to keep the pocket dirty. We know that this kid is a very talented player in Jared Goff. What we’re looking for are guys who keep the pocket dirty. Don’t let him step into the throws, get our hits on him, and the sacks will come.”


On with how often Cal throws the ball if we’ll see even more rotation on the defensive line this week “Their tempo is probably going to have a bigger factor on that than the number of drop back passes that we see. They’re a lot of quick gains, a lot of screens, they’re balanced in terms of their commitment to the run, and so it presents a lot of challenges. You mix that with the tempo, we’re going to have to roll some guys. I feel comfortable with really our top nine guys we roll out there.”


On Chuckie Keeton’s injury “Obviously he was hurting coming out of the Utah game. I just feel bad for that kid. He’s a warrior. I know he’s an important part of their team. I hate to see any kid go down, it doesn’t matter what the circumstance or situation is. I hope he has a speedy recover and wish those guys the best.” Top Stories