VIDEO: Washington cornerback Kevin King talks to the press - California Golden Bears

Washington junior cornerback Kevin King talked to the media on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 as the Huskies prepare to take on the California Golden Bears this coming weekend in the first game of Pac-12 play for both teams.

On if he has friends that play for Cal “Definitely. I know a few of the guys.  I know their quarterback Jared Goff; I knew him in high school. We got together a little bit, so that’s good.”


On how he got to know Jared Goff “We were the same class. Around that Northern California area, the players who got offers and stuff try to talk to other guys, especially coming to California and everything like that, so we just did the recruiting circuit and things like that.”


On if Goff ever tried to get him to go to Cal “Yeah, we were at a lot of camps up there, recruitment, all types of stuff up there. He always kind of bugged me about that, getting in my ear about going to Cal.”


On watching Jared Goff have such a good career “Oh yeah, it’s great. I’m glad for him. I’m happy for him that he’s had his success. He’s a great guy, great leader. I have nothing bad to say about him. I’m happy for him.”


On the challenge of playing Jared Goff “We just have to have tight coverage. He knows how to get the ball out, he knows how to get it out quick, and he knows how to put it on the money. We’re going to have our hands full, but that’s what we want. Coming into the PAC-12, playing a PAC-12 school that’s what you want against competition like that, so I’m excited.”


On the move back to corner and playing some nickel “I feel good, but there’s still things I need to improve on. Just film, film, film, and just try to play better than I did last week.”


On his priority for him improvement “In terms of improvement just route recognitions, film study, just try to know what my opponents doing. I think that will probably be the biggest thing, and just keep my motor running. Try to have the same intensity on the first play and the last play.”


On the difference in mindset between corner and nickel “I approach it the same, the same type of preparation. Playing nickel, there is a whole bunch more calls you have to make. It’s like playing linebacker. It’s a different position. It’s a lot of new wrinkles in the nickel position than it is for corner.”


On all of his interceptions coming out of nickel “Yeah. I think that’s paid off huge, playing nickel. All three of my interceptions have come out of nickel. I like it.”


On the possibility of him matching up against Kenny Lawler “It’s early in the week. We’re still game planning so I’m not really sure what the coaches have in mind yet of terms of that or me following any guys around. I think anybody in our secondary, we don’t really have too many shorter guys, so I think we match up pretty well against their height.”


On if the beginning of the PAC-12 play brings new excitement “We try to approach every game the same in terms of preparation everything, it doesn’t really matter who we’re playing. If we take it upon ourselves and we do what we do, play Husky ball, then we give ourselves a chance. At the same time, we came here to play against PAC-12 players and to play against PAC-12 teams. It’s definitely in the back of our minds that we’re starting PAC-12 play. This is what we came here to do, so I’m excited.” Top Stories