VIDEO: Washington Cornerback Darren Gardenhire - California Golden Bears

Washington sophomore cornerback Darren Gardenhire talked to the media on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 as the Huskies prepare to take on the California Golden Bears this coming weekend in the first game of Pac-12 play for both teams.

On Jared Goff “He’s a good quarterback. He’s a great quarterback. One of the top quarterbacks in the PAC-12. We’ve just got to do what we do, read or keys, and play how we play and just take care of receivers. When the ball goes in the air it’s ours.”


On his improvement “I feel like I’ve been playing well, getting better each week; each week learning new things and getting my old wrinkles out. If I messed up in week one make sure I correct in week two, in week three correct what I did in week two, and on and on. Just getting better everyday.”


On his jump from spring to fall camp and what allowed him to make that jump “For me, it was all a mindset. Just knowing that play and really knowing my assignment helped me play faster and show my athletic ability again. Last year I didn’t really know what I was doing so it kind of slowed me down. Just getting back to my normal self and know what I’m doing on the field and playing fast.”


On how many times they’ve replayed Kevin King missed block on Brandon Beaver's interception “Team meeting, position meeting, group chat, it’s bad. Last year when we played Cal, Shaq (Thompson) had the 100-yard return on the fumble on the goal line. It was the same exact thing and Kevin (King) blocked on the right side for him toward the sideline, and our coach put it in there, ‘oh, you couldn’t block for me.’ It was just a big joke. We’re just happy we got a turnover, but we wish we got the touchdown.”


On what it’s like coming from California to Seattle “It’s different. It’s the city, but not the same. It looks different out here; everything feels different. Everything is not as fast as LA. Everything in LA moves fast. It’s a busy city. You get used to it.”


On keeping track with high school friends at USC and UCLA “Yeah I’ve got a lot of friends that play for USC. One of my great friends plays for UCLA. I talk to them frequently.”


On if UW is what he expected after his recruiting visit “Yeah, but I was coming up here before my recruiting visit, because Dwayne (Washington) is my cousin, so I was out here visiting him all the time anyway. So I had seen the ins and outs, even outside of the visit.”


On if he would rather Cal’s offense be instead of throwing a lot “No, I’m going to be busy. We want the ball in the air so we get an opportunity to get it too. We’re trying to get money. So if it’s in the air it’s ours.”


On Kevin King getting interceptions “He’s doing what he’s supposed to do right now. He’s catching them. I dropped mine. I had the opportunity and dropped it. I just have to get my hands right, and just look it in this time.”


On what it will take to beat Cal “Just us playing and doing what we do. It’s never about the team; it’s always about us. Just do what we do, read our keys, and do what we game planned for, and I feel like we’ll come out on top.” Top Stories