VIDEO: Washington Linebacker Sean Constantine - California Golden Bears

Washington sophomore linebacker Sean Constantine talked to the media on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 as the Huskies prepare to take on the California Golden Bears this coming weekend in the first game of Pac-12 play for both teams.

On more playing time this year “I have. I had a good spring ball. I came out strong and tried to improve on everything coach Gregory critiqued me on last year. I got to see Shaq (Thompson) do his thing last year, and I got more opportunities to get reps and that kind of stuff. I just tried to flourish with that and it’s worked out so far, so I’m excited.”


On what changed to make him earn his playing time “It was just a while bunch of things. I didn’t plan on my college football deal going this way. I didn’t plan on redshirting and not playing a bunch my freshman year. I‘m actually glad this has happened. It humbled me and it’s made me reevaluate how I play and that kind of stuff and critique what I need to and you just kind of roll with the punches.”


If the mental or physical change is bigger from high school to college “Mental, easily mental. Physically, it’s hard to keep up with some people, but you can always keep up. The mental part s just knowing your stuff, knowing what to do and knowing your tools and that kind of stuff.”


On seeing young guys come in and get frustrated with playing time “I always laugh, because I remember being back there. I remember the moment when I was like ‘oh they’re redshirting me. Why are they redshirting me?’ But honestly, I would just try to tell them sit back and enjoy this year. See how everything goes. Obviously keep improving everyday; you don’t want to slack off. But enjoy where you are right now. If you’re not redshirting, then show up and make plays. This year counts now. The redshirt guys, it’s normal so just enjoy it; enjoy the process.”


On if it’s helpful when not starting to see the flow of the game from the sideline “Yeah, it does. I haven’t played that much last year or this year, but I’m just trying to learn. When I get to see Keishawn (Bierria) or Azeem (Victor) go out there and kind of go through the functions of what the team brings that week, power, passing, whatever, it kind of gives me that confidence like ‘okay, let’s do this thing.’ It’s different, but I like it. I like seeing it from the sideline then going in.”


On what Azeem Victor is bringing “Oh man, he’s bringing the shoulder pads. I don’t know if you’ve seen him. Azeem (Victor), the guy is athletic. He can move side-to-side probably better than any guy I’ve ever seen. He’s a physical player. He brings a lot to the table.”


On what Keishawn Bierria brings to the table “Mental man. He’s a smart guy. He knows his keys, knows his reads, and he’s fundamentally sound. You can be 215-ponds, if you know how to play through your leverage and right tools you can play linebacker.”


On Tevis Bartlett “Tevis (Bartlett) is balling out. It’s kind of the same idea as me. He kind of seea it from the sideline, goes in, and does it. He gets a great role model with Cory Littleton. Cory Littleton is one of the best pass rushers I’ve seen while I’ve been here. He kind of gets to see how he does it, and then gets to go in. It’s pretty sweet. It’s sweet seeing that happen.


On California throwing a lot “I’ve heard they are pretty good at that. We’ll be ready. It’s a different look than what we’ve got. A little less movement before the snap, but it’s fast. It’s fast and they throw it, and the guy’s good that they’ve got back there.”


On his thoughts on Bellevue “To be honest, I don’t really have any thoughts. I haven’t been in it so I haven’t talked to anybody. I just kind of keep my own and try to stay out of the whole situation, in terms of if Butch (Goncharoff) ever needs me reach out, if anybody ever needs me reach out, but I’m not here to prove anything.”


On playing with so many Bellevue alum “It feels good. They’re all Bellevue boys. I played with them in high school. When you have those guys you played in high school with it feels good, it feels right, and you can always count on them for something you need on the field or off the field. It’s positive. I like it.” Top Stories