VIDEO: Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser - California Golden Bears

Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser spoke with the media Wednesday, September 23, about the offensive line, their improvement as a group from last week to this week, what he's seen from this year's Cal defensive front, their rotation, and more.

For a guy playing guard for the first time, how did you think Coleman Shelton did? - "I thought he did solid. He's got a long way to go and he'd be the first guy to tell you that, I'm sure. It's definitely a lot different playing inside. He hasn't really done any of that since I've been here. But I thought for a guy who had really only done it for two days he did a pretty good job."

Probably didn't expect Trey Adams to play that many snaps already this season? - "It wasn't really the plan. But it's hard to go into games nowadays with a plan with the injuries that you have and whatnot."

How did he do? - "I thought he did well. He had a couple of plays here and there I know he'd like to have back. But I thought overall he did well. He competed really hard. Assignment-wise he's made a lot of progress, so he's making some good strides."

Because you've never started a true frosh until last week, have you had to adjust your coaching style? Or is it sink or swim at this point? - "Obviously there's a little more attention to some of those younger guys than you normally would give from me. I've had to really focus...we've got three freshmen in there, and all those guys have not played a lot of football, so they are getting a little more attention from me during the week. Beyond that, the offense is the offense, so we're not going to change what we do just based on who is in there at tackle."

How did Jesse Sosebee do in his first start? - "I thought he was solid. I'd really say the same thing for the whole group; I thought all those guys did some good things. I think all of those guys would like to have a few plays back here and there. Just as long as all those young guys get better like they are capable of, I think it was a good first step."

Are you in a situation now with so many young guys that you are focused in on how they react when they do make a mistake? - "That's more of a program philosophy than it is just position-to-position. Our whole mindset is how competitive you can respond to whatever the situation is - good or bad. Certainly for those guys, I think playing left tackle can be related a little bit, in a sense, to playing corner. You've got to have a little bit of a short memory going up against really, really good players. Typically the defense has the best linemen out there, so for those you want to win every battle? Heck yeah. Are you going to win every battle? Probably not. So we've got to go next play."

Compared to last year's Cal defense, what are the biggest changes you've seen from them this year? - "I think their whole team is playing with good confidence. Those guys play with really good energy. We got them at a point last year they had a few bodies down. They are much healthier on defense right now then at this point last year. So I think on defense they are doing a nice job flying around and making plays."

Looks like you're more ahead in pass protection than in terms of run blocking - "Statistially for sure. For whatever reason - yes. But we've put a lot of focus on the run game and obviously we take a lot of pride in running the ball. The fact that we're not doing it as consistently as we'd like to and need to, nobody is happy with that."

What was the tipping point that caused you to throw three freshmen in against Utah State? - "We had a couple of guys banged up. Shane was banged up as well. He had to sit out some practice last week. Combination of that and it's time to see what guys can do, really. I've said it all along this year, but it's going to be a work in progress just in the sense that we're probably not going to have just the five guys at any point this year. It's going to be whichever guys are having the best week of practice, are playing best in the game and are ready to go."

Who are those next guys up that you could use in the rotation? - "You saw three of them (Adams, Sosebee, Kaleb McGary) and Shane Brostek is a guy that's been playing a bunch. I think Michael Kneip is a guy that really has had a pretty good fall for us. He played a fair amount against Sacramento State but hasn't been in there a whole bunch. Obviously getting Jake healthy again, he's back in the mix, so we've got a lot of guys that can have a chance to play." Top Stories