VIDEO: Washington Left Guard Coleman Shelton - California Golden Bears

Washington left guard Coleman Shelton spoke with the media Wednesday, September 23, about his sudden position switch from left tackle to left guard for the Utah State game, as well as playing alongside true freshman Trey Adams, and more.

Can you work through with us the chronology from when you were told you would play left guard last Saturday? - "It kind of started on late Wednesday practice. Jake got a little dinged up and I came in. I was playing guard and I played it Thursday and I realized I was going to play it on Saturday. They let me know I was going to play and it felt comfortable. I felt comfortable with it. It wasn't that big a deal."

What are the major differences between playing tackle and guard? - "Probably the space you work in. Playing tackle you're going up against guys that are long and a lot faster and inside you're kind of like in your own little box. You have bigger guys coming at you who are a little stronger and more physical."

Any of that more or less fun than playing tackle? - "It's all fun to me. I enjoy it either way. It's great."

What do you remember about last year's Cal team? - "They play real tough. They are big dudes. They have a couple big guys inside. They play hard. It's always a good challenge to play against them."

What do you see from the Bears schematically? - "They are going to play head up. They are going to try and beat us physically. They're not going to throw too much at us. They just want to beat us off the ball and see what they can do."

Do you feel you're on track with the run game in terms of getting better? - "That's always a goal, to get the run game going. It's always something we strive for. Even when it's going great you want to be better. So it's obviously something we're always thinking about and something we want to get better at."

Do things feel different now that it's Pac-12 play? - "Yeah it does. It's great. We're all excited to get into it and ready to go."

What are the biggest points of emphasis for a new OL going from week one to week two? - "We're always trying to be assignment perfect and just getting locked in and knowing what we're doing every play. So that's the biggest thing. I feel like with this group it's all five of us doing the exact right thing and just being physicaly and knocking guys off the ball."

What about the connection with you and Trey Adams? Do you take on a mentor role too? - "I help him if he needs it, but he's a smart kid and he knows what he's doing. I think we work well together. He's a big, physical guy and he likes to play football, so I like playing next to him. It's fun." Top Stories