Dawgman.com Predictions: California Golden Bears

We almost had a clean sweep, but the Dawgman guys are still feeling pretty confident about a Washington Huskies (2-1) win Saturday over the California Golden Bears (3-0) at Husky Stadium. Heisman hopeful Jared Goff leads the Bears, but he'll be facing the best defense Cal has seen by far in 2015. The first conference tilt for both teams, there's a lot on the line to get off to a great start to Pac-12 play - so it should be a tremendous atmosphere.

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (3-0):

The schedule gauntlet begins with California.  Probably one of the best QBs in the nation with Goff.  That RB Muhammad kid looked good against Texas too.  We, though, have a good defense.  Hope Budda is at full strength.  On offense I like how Browning is progressing.  He doesn't make too many mistakes.  Plus I am seeing him make some plays.  Washington in open space is fast.  Hitting the hole not so much.  He seems to have heavy feet getting started.  I like Gaskin at RB for hitting the holes.  That said.  I think both teams will score in the 30s.  I believe we pull off a stunning victory.

Prediction: Washington 34-33

Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (2-1):

Will the Husky defense, a unit that is yet to allow a touchdown pass, be solid enough to deter Jared Goff and Cal’s formidable offense? Also, just how formidable will Cal’s offense be against the stingy Husky defense? Will the Huskies be able to establish the run? Can Jake Browning lead Washington to victory if Saturday is a high scoring affair? I think the Husky offense will get off to their first fast start of the year and keep their foot on the gas for all four quarters, taking advantage of a Golden Bear defense that allowed 44 points to Texas. The defense will rise to the occasion in front of what should be a full stadium, as students are beginning to arrive on campus and PAC-12 play begins. This will be fun to watch.

Prediction: Washington 34-28

Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com (3-0):

How refreshing is it to have a quarterback who doesn't need to see the whites of the receivers eyes before throwing the ball (see Cyler Miles?)  Jake Browning sees the field better than any UW QB since (maybe only Hugh Millen knows) and just needs to grow into what could be an all-american quarterback frame someday (see Cal's Jared Goff.) If it wasn't for the Budda Baker injury I'd be a lean towards the Dawgs, but to borrow a line from Husky football fan legend Sean Hatt, "Heart says Dawgs 31-27. Head says Cal 31-27." Unfortunately I agree with the latter and the Dawgs suffer a woulda-coulda-shoulda loss to the Sturdy Golden Bears. Like the man said...

Prediction: California 31-27

Chris Fetters - Editor (3-0):

Felt great about last week's prediction until Brandon Beaver's convoy fell apart and then the Aggies came back with their own sudden-change play. So much for proper planning. But this week, do I see Washington pulling off the same dominating performance they had last year at Cal? No. Jared Goff and that potent Golden Bears attack is much better than last year, and they will have their moments. No question this is the game where the Huskies give up more than 17 points on defense. But the number I still come back to time and time again when looking at this matchup is 650. 650 total yards surrendered by Cal versus Texas. And sorry, but Texas had 277 yards in a win over Rice. They had 163 yards at Notre Dame. But 650 against Cal? That's just ridiculous. If I'm Jonathan Smith, I'm licking my chops at going downfield with Browning and using the offensive weapons to munch time off the clock and keep Goff and the Bears offense right where he wants them - on the bench. (And for the record, Grinolds stole my original prediction)

Prediction: Washington 38-24

Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (3-0):

My head says that Cal has too much firepower for the Huskies, but then again, the Huskies should be able to score on what is still a bad Golden Bears defense. If this game were in Berkeley there would be no question who I'd be picking in this one, but since it's at Husky Stadium and because I think the Huskies have gained a lot of confidence offensively the past couple of weeks, I think the Dawgs pull out a close one.

Prediction: Washington 38-35

Kim Grinolds - CEO (3-0):

Jake Browning continues to improve as the running game finally gets going. Big days from both Browning and Dwayne WashingtonJared Goff will have a big day but turnovers and Jake Browning down the stretch will be too much

Prediction: Washington 41-31

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