POST-GAME VIEDO: Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen talks about Huskies' 30-24 loss to the California Golden Bears at Husky Stadium

Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen talked to the assembled media after Washington's 30-24 defeat to the California Golden Bears on Saturday, September 26 at Husky Stadium. Here's the full video of that media session, as well as complete quotes

Opening - “Frustrating game. I thought the defense competed really, really hard. I don’t think you’re going to win many games in this league when you turn the ball over like we did. I think the one thing is we need to tackle better. I thought the kids competed hard, especially on defense. They were swinging until the very end - very proud of them for that. Frustrating on offense. Couldn’t hold the ball, couldn’t convert third downs or fourth down. That needs to change.”

What adjustments did you make after the first two offensive series? - “Not much. We called plays. We had a bunch of stuff we didn’t even get to the whole game. We couldn’t get into a rhythm. Late in the game we get into a two-minute situation, so we’re just trying to play catch up and throw the ball. We always want to run the ball a little bit; we had some success doing that. When we get behind like that we are throwing it more than we’d like to. But again, it goes with our young offense. It’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I didn’t think, at least from the sideline view, protected enough. Be interesting to see what Jake was seeing out there. He missed a few things. We didn’t catch the ball well enough. So we’re all in this together.”

QB Jake Browning put a lot on his shoulders with his turnovers. What did you see from his game? - “I don’t know. Got to look at the tape there. He was running out of there; I don’t know if he could have stepped up there. I’m anxious to go put that tape on. It’s never one guy. I’m sure there were some times where he could have stepped up in there, and probably some times he couldn’t have. But he’s getting flushed a lot more than we anticipated. I think we can be better than that.”

Would you like to have gone to Dwayne more if not forced into so many two-minute situations? - “Yeah, absolutely. He was having some success running the ball. In general we like to run the ball. We were running the ball better than we were throwing it but we were playing catch-up the whole time. That wasn’t ideal. I think the first half we had the ball 26 plays, 27 plays - something like that. At the end of the game it’s like 40 to 20 in time of possession. Turning the ball over, missing that many tackles and be that bad in time of possession - that’s a recipe for disaster.”

On the last review of the Goff sack where he may have fumbled…did you get anything from the officials on that? - “I couldn’t tell."

Why did the drive work so well when Dwayne Washington ran it the whole time? - “The question moreso is - why weren’t the other drives working like that? We’re going to have to put that tape on, because at times we made it look so easy. We know it’s not going to be that easy all the time, but it needs to be easier than it was that whole game. We were kind of stumbling all over ourselves way too much. Really, really frustrating. Five turnovers put our defense in that situation - bad field position a lot of times. Those guys, they keep swinging, keep battling. But that’s hard to keep playing that hard when we’re not doing a whole lot on offense. They create a turnover and score themselves and get everybody excited. We just have to get more done on offense.”

On the missed tackles: “I saw a couple of times where we definitely needed to wrap-up, in fact I was shocked that a couple of our guys took shots without wrapping up, a couple of our experienced guys, and that was really disappointing. I think a little of it goes back to the spread concept of spreading you out and creating space and those backs ran hard. We knew that they would run hard and I think half the credit goes to to those guys, because they do it every game. They get those big splits, they create those one-on-one matchups and they run through them, but I did see some lack of wrapping up there that’s disappointing. You see what happens when we don’t wrap up, especially with those backs.”
On Cal’s defense and if they did anything different: “They played their base defense and that was a credit to them and I know they’re feeling good about themselves on that.”
On Jake Browning moving too much and not seeing guys: “I’d need to put the tape on. I think there’s some pressure there, he probably had to get out of it, I don’t know.  We played three freshmen on the o-line, that’s going to be a hard combination.”
On scrambling if you can improve in that area: “We practice it every day. We practice the scramble drill every day, so we’ll look at that, see if the receivers are breaking their routes off correctly and if we’re getting done there. Scrambling can be a really good thing, as we know, as a defensive back, if you have everything covered and you break routes off and away you go. Jared Goff hurt us bad scrambling for a big first down and Jake had a nice one when he hit Dante, who made a really good catch. He made a nice run too, but he’s running too much and I think he needs to stay in there and our protection needs to tighten up. It’s too much scrambling for what we’re about.”
On if they missed Budda Baker: “I think you’re always going to miss Budda. I think he’s a really good player, but I think our guys played hard on defense. I think our guys did a good job against a prolific pass-offense, really good receivers and the quarterback can really sling it as we know, but Budda’s one of our better guys and we’re going to miss him.”
On the loss helping to find out how resilient this team is: “Yeah, and you know it’s not going to get any easier. Everybody is really good in this league and you have a new challenge, and that’s the hard thing about having a young team, the scheme’s going to be different the next time we play and so you’d like to go and do it again and try and get it right, but you can’t do that. These guys will come back. Way too early in the season. Look at the teams we play and the kids know that and it’s like I told the guys last week, this is still about us. We have to go back and tackle better, we have to go back and pass-pro better, we have to not fumble to ball and it’s all the things that we can control.”
On missing the wheel route to Dwayne Washington: “Not any one throw is going to win the game and not any one throw is going to lose a game, but you’d obviously like to have that one back.”
On how the defense played: “I thought they did a nice job. I thought coach ‘K’ called a good game. That’s hard. When you’re bringing some zone pressure and they pick it up okay and if you don’t get to him quickly, he’ll find a seam and you saw that. I thought he mixed it up good, I thought our guys played hard, I think we got to him five times, I think we got to him more than that, but I think we sacked him five times which is pretty good.”
On if the bye is coming at a good time: “I think when you play like this on offense, you don’t want a bye, I think you want to go play again with a chance to redeam yourself, but it is what it is, so we’ll use the extra practice time, get some guys hopefully healed up and work on some fundamentals, work on hanging onto the ball and making tackles and try to improve on the things we’re talking about right here.” Top Stories