POST-GAME VIEDO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke after the Huskies' 30-24 loss to the California Golden Bears

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media after the Huskies lost to the California Golden Bears 30-24 Saturday at Husky Stadium. The Huskies finished the day with 259 total yards of offense.

On what he felt the offense was going to have success with coming into today “We thought we could do both things really, and I thought we showed flashes that we could until we find a way to have penalties and obviously when you turn the ball over like we did it gives us no chance whatsoever. It was group effort, everyone taking their turn of making a play, but then taking their turn at screwing something up.”


On if they had to recalibrate after the first couple drives “We felt like we had a couple things in the run game going and we got to that later in the half. We felt decent with the plan even at halftime; it was just coming down to executing the plan. That’s what we told the guys at halftime. If we can find a way to make a play on the ball, hold on to the ball, give us a little time and protection, make some good decisions, all those pieces were not there today.”


On the difficulty of play calling when you only have the ball for 20 minutes “That just played right into their hand. It makes it tough. It makes you want to feel like you need to panic because you don’t feel like you have the ball some. Really, we didn’t call a play today that we didn’t practice all week. It just came down to our execution wasn’t there.”


On if Dwayne Washington dropped the pass on the wheel route because of the sun “I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. I just know that we had opportunities and we didn’t get it done.”


On the success of the first touchdown drive where Dwayne Washington carried the ball on every play “We changed the pace a little bit. We actually called a lot of those plays in the second half. They defended it a little better. We butchered it a couple of times in our execution. When Dwayne can get going, those formations we were in, they were thinking pass and we were running it.” Top Stories