POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning - California Golden Bears

Washington Quarterback Jake Browning spoke to the media after the Huskies lost 30-24 to the California Golden Bears Saturday at Husky Stadium. Browning, a freshman from Folsom, Calif., was 17-28 for 152 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions on the day. He was also sacked five times.

On what happened on the last drive “I had another turnover. You aren’t going to win games if you keep turning the ball over like I did. You can’t do that.


On if he was surprised that Cal dropped eight into coverage late in the game “No. That’s kind of basic. If you’re in two minute defense you’re going to drop a lot of people.”


On if the fact that there wasn’t a completed pass for the whole first quarter was because the offense couldn’t get a rhythm “I thought it was more with us having penalties, having turnovers, and not playing sharp. It really comes down to that. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.”


On if Cal did anything he didn’t expect “Nope.”


On the first touchdown drive that consisted of only Dwayne Washington carries “A lot of that we had the option to pull it but we were running the ball well so I kept handing it off and the o-line did a good job blocking and we were able to go down and score.”


On how hard it will be to get over this loss “We’re going to have to sit on it for a bye week which kind of sucks, but you’ve got to move on. We’ll see. I don’t know.”


On how confident he was with the ball down a touchdown and three minutes left “Just as confident as I was the whole game. I knew we were going to battle and stuff like that. Our defense did a great job slowing down their offense. We had a lot of three-and-outs and a lot of turnovers and they kept us in it. We were ready to go down and score and put together drives but we turned the ball over again. We can’t do that.”


On if he missed Dwayne Washington on the wheel route “Yes.”


On what was hard about getting in rhythm today “Penalties and turnovers. Those are two things that can kill a drive. We were in first-and-25 a lot and first-and-ridiculous. A lot of that’s on me throwing picks and stuff like that and fumbling and things we haven’t done that much this year. Penalties and turnovers, that’s pretty much it.”


On what made him scramble so often “We’ll see on the film. I’m not exactly sure.” Top Stories