POST-GAME VIEDO: Washington Running Back Dwayne Washington talks after Huskies' 30-24 loss to the California Golden Bears

Washington Running Back Dwayne Washington spoke to the media after Washington's 30-24 loss to the California Golden Bears Saturday at Husky Stadium. Washington 10 times for 109 yards and one touchdown. He also caught three passes for 19 yards on the day.

On if the offense feels confident down a score with the ball and only three minutes left “Yeah. The defense did great, but on offense, just as far as Jake, there are moments like that like ‘if you can throw it out, throw it out. Or stay in the pocket but don’t force anything.’ He did what he could do. He’s a good guy. He played a great game. He kept us in the game. All the credit goes out to him, the o-line, defense, everybody.”


On the wheel route pass he dropped “If the ball hit my hands I have to catch it regardless. It was slightly a bad ball but it hit my hands. I should have caught the ball.”


On his fumble the following play “They brought heavy pressure getting into the backfield by the d-linemen and I wasn’t able to get five points of pressure on the ball.”


On if he feels pressure to help the younger guys keep it together “Yeah, we always have those kids on the team that their head goes down when they make a bad play or if things aren’t going great. I’m just there to motivate them just to keep their head up and just do things like that.”


On if it will be hard to bounce back after this “No, we’re going to come back tomorrow and just be ready for this bye week, practice, and school coming up.”


On the feeling after the first half “It wasn’t bad because we were still in it. We knew that we were still in it. We didn’t have any doubts or anything; we always have hope. It wasn’t too bad, we need to clean up some mistakes and stuff.”


On how Jake Browning reacted to the game “After he threw that bad pass you could see he was a little bit frustrated that he did it, but we were there by him on the sideline just telling him to stay in the pocket or do things like this. He took it and he ran with it. If we had another chance he would have done it.” Top Stories