POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls spoke to the media after the Huskies lost to California 30-24

Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls spoke with the assembled media after the Huskies' 30-24 loss to the California Golden Bears Saturday at Husky Stadium. Qualls finished the game with four tackles, including two tackles for loss and two sacks.

On what he felt the game plan was defensively “First we had to stop the run. That’s always what our first job is, stop the run and put them in passing down situations and either get rushers with our three regular four-down fronts or bring blitzes to keep them guessing with the coverages, who’s coming, where we’re coming from and just be relentless to the ball.”


On if the defense felt the need to force a turnover when down big early in the second half “Of course. I never put anything on the offense. I always put it on us because defense, we can score also and we have to hold them and not let them score and we can also score which is a plus side for the defense because not only can we stop the ball but we can score ourselves. When Sidney (Jones) picked up that ball he just took off and we were all stoked.”


On if it felt like the defense was on the field for 40 minutes “No. When you’ve got your adrenaline going and you’re just playing ball in all honesty it goes by so fast. I’m not feeling it right now. I probably will tomorrow for sure, but I couldn’t really tell.”


On the goal-line stand in the first half “It’s a pride thing man. We are a very prideful defense and every yard gained against us angers us even more. To us, you beat us on that play and we hate that. All of us are really hard competitors and we do not like to lose. That goal-line stand, we refused to let them in the end zone. We did it.”


On how frustrating broken tackles are “It’s always frustrating. Again, it’s our youth and our aggressiveness, which in all honesty I wouldn’t trade for anything because I love how aggressive we are on defense. No one is ever going to out physical us and we take pride in that. It’s just remembering to wrap up, wrap the ball carrier, because we definitely had them for no gains if not TFLs and they just made plays. That back, he ran hard. He ran really hard and he just made plays when he could.”


On if the defense notices when they’re on the field for 92 plays “I don’t. Like I said, when you’re on the field playing adrenaline is going and everything like that. I was trying to get on the field as much as possible because I want to help make that stand; I want to help stop that offense and be in there. I always want to put it on myself.”


On if the aggressiveness effects more than just tackling “Probably some of our decisions, but at the same time you have to be aggressive in order to make plays and everything like that. If you lay back people are going to nickel and dime you down the field all the way and you’re never going to stop anybody. You’re not going to get those turnovers that we get. You’re not going to get those interceptions. You’re not going to get those sacks. You’re not going to get those TFLs. That’s some stuff it also leads into. As far as the tackles, we always want to hit everybody as hard as we can and we just have to remember to do that and wrap up at the same time.” Top Stories