POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington cornerback Sidney Jones talks to the media after the Huskies 30-24 loss to California

Washington Cornerback Sidney Jones spoke to the press after the Huskies' 30-24 loss to the California Golden Bears Saturday at Husky Stadium. Jones finished the game with five tackles, one tackle for loss, two pass breakups, and a 70-yard forced fumble and return for a touchdown.

On what he saw on the fumble recovery and return for a touchdown “I saw the ball kind of wiggling out. I just came up and hit him and it actually bounced out. I picked it up, saw a defender, I kind of felt the defender right there, and I just avoided him and scored.”


On Cal’s receivers “They’re pretty good. Kenny Lawler, he’s a premier guy. I didn’t really face anybody else besides that, so pretty good.”


On the pass Kenny Lawler caught on the sideline that looked like it could have been offensive pass interference “I have to watch the film for myself, but everybody else saw it and I kind of felt something. It is what it is. Can’t take it back.”


On Jared Goff“I said it before, but he’s an outstanding quarterback, accurate guy, makes the correct reads.”


On Brandon Beaver looking to block for on the fumble return “Honestly, when I got the ball I thought of that play, so I looked right away to make sure nobody was near me. Sure enough there was somebody right there and I just avoided it and scored.”


On the defense continuing to fight even after the offense turned the ball over five times “That’s our defensive mindset. We just go out every time; no matter what the situation is, just turn it around and try to make plays on the defensive side and get the ball back for our offense so they can have an opportunity and we can have an opportunity as a team as a whole.”


On not having Budda Baker today “Not having Budda (Baker) out there, he’s a fantastic player. We have guys stepping up. Brandon Beaver and some other guys have rotated around. We just have young guys or other guys just step up and take that role and make the most of it.”


On the importance of the game against USC after the bye week “It’s a big game.  (Steve) Sarkisian, I wasn’t around but the other guys, the vibe is just ‘it’s a big game.’” Top Stories