POST-GAME VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks after Huskies lose to California 30-24

Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks during California Post-Game, as the Huskies fell to the Golden Bears 30-24 Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On what the defense could have done better to get off the field “We could have done a better job on third down. We could have tackled better. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m willing to bet there are a lot of yards after contact that we could have limited by wrapping up better. We could have got more turnovers. Those three things right now come to mind.”


On what it’s like for a young defense to face a great offense like Cal “They are. They have a very talented quarterback, very talented receiver, running backs run hard. It is what it is. I think our guys went out there and played hard. They played tear tales off, but we’ve got to execute better, we’ve got to tackle better, and we’ve got to force some turnovers. They went out there and battled. They battled the whole game, that’s what you do as a competitor. It’s a team sport. We’ve got to do a better job to hold up our end of the bargain.”


On if endurance was an issue “I don’t think so because I think we were rolling guys. A lot of guys were playing. I think we were okay that way. We have to execute better.”


On what the most essential part of tackling is “Wrapping up. That’s the biggest thing. We’re trying to knock them down with a big hit versus big hit, wrap up, run your feet and we have to do a better job at that.”


On tackling being an issue all around football “Definitely. That’s why we work on shoulder tackling and wrapping up. We’re going to obviously spend time on that.”


On how he felt about the defense’s performance against Jared Goff “I’m happy with the way we competed. They got that lead and we kept battling. We got that turnover; had some good stops on sudden change and those are all positive things. It’s a team sport and we’ve got to find a way to make a play on third down. Some of those were great throws and great catches, but that’s why they call it a game of inches. We have to get more of those in our favor than the other team.”


On if execution is more physical or mental “I think it’s a combination of some guys not having a lot of reps, this is their fourth game, better opponent, and I think when you get in a game like this they want it so bad they’re going trying so hard, and it’s not that they’re trying to hard but they’re trying to do too much. Until I watch it I don’t know. I think they played extremely hard. We just have to do a better job executing and tackling and third down.”


On their preparation for Cal made it so there were no surprises “Yeah. We knew they had great receivers, great quarterback, and running backs had done a good job running the ball and they run hard. It was everything we expected. If we just execute better it might be a little different.”


On what Jared Goff did different to other quarterbacks “He’s a lot more accurate. He threw a couple balls where Darren (Gardenhire) picks one later on a red zone throw, but the touchdown before the half Darren is inches away from picking it but the ball was right there and the guy made a catch. It was a really good throw.” Top Stories