VIDEO: Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory - Bye Week

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory talked to the media Wednesday about his linebacker rotation, getting more guys in like Sean Constantine, Scott Lawyer, and Ben Burr-Kirven, as well as Azeem Victor's late elbow on Cal's Kenny Lawler as the Huskies have a bye week this coming weekend in anticipation of their game a week from Thursday at USC.

On if this bye week is approached the same as a typical bye week or does the short week next week change the plan “A little bit of both. Today and tomorrow will be like a bye, working some of the young guys and working on fundamentals, a lot of the base stuff and we’ll start working our game plan when we get back from recruiting.”


On how having so many freshman playing already impacts a bye week that typically gives time to work with freshman “Well today we had a period where we did work all of the young guys, all the redshirt guys, so we want to get those guys going a little bit and try to improve their skill to a certain degree. So we do want to spend a little bit of time with those guys, but because it’s not a true bye, we need to move on a little bit as well.”


On if there’s a chance that some of the guys that got a little time earlier might still redshirt “They’ll keep redshirting. Like D.J. (Beavers) he’ll keep redshirting. The guys who are playing now will keep playing.”


On Azeem Victor’s hit on Kenny Lawler “That’s inexcusable I think. I think they’ve got to make sure they stay off the head. I think we have to be very conscious of the head. Azeem (Victor) said he tripped and he fell on them, but you can’t brace yourself with your elbow, that’s for sure. We have to be very conscious of that, we certainly want safety for everybody out there.”


On if there will be any internal punishment for Azeem Victor “Not right now.”


On how much further along he is this bye week than he was last year “Oh my gosh, I mean night and day in terms of where we are. Certainly we miss some good players like we had last year. The process continues to grow and I think everyday that we’re around these guys they’re more used to us and we’re used to them. It’s been really good. These guys certainly have been battling their fannies off all year for us.”


On the pros and cons of Travis Feeney's transition to BUCK “I think there have been hardly any cons; I think he’s playing very well. The only difference is in how we’re working is that he’s an outside linebacker to the boundary as opposed to an outside linebacker to the field. I think he’s probably had a more opportunities to pressure the quarterback than he would if he was playing our SAM linebacker. I think it’s a position that’s fit for him very well.”


On how the rotation of players works for him and if he’s trying to use a similar approach to coach Choate’s hockey rotation“Yes, and I think we have to play those guys, Scotty (Lawyer) and Sean (Constantine), more and try to get Ben Burr-Kirven in there more because we can’t have these guys taking up to 90 reps. It’s just going to wear them down too much, which Azeem (Victor) and Keishawn (Bierria) did. We have to get more of those guys playing at our linebacker positions.”


On if he saw on film what his first impressions were during the game “Yeah, I think so. I think we got a little bit tired and I think we have to make sure we substitute correctly, so in a critical situation a guy like Azeem (Victor) or Keishawn (Bierria) can be in there, but we still have to get those reps with Scotty (Lawyer) and Sean (Constantine).” Top Stories