VIDEO: Washington Safety Brian Clay - Bye Week

Washington Safety Brian Clay spoke to the media Wednesday about his UW education, what he's working on now, the transition he made as a transfer from Hawaii, and life without Budda Baker in the backfield as the Huskies have a bye week this coming weekend in anticipation of their game a week from Thursday at USC.

On his time at the University of Washington “It’s simply exceeded my expectations because I go to a great university, I got a top-line degree from one of the best universities in the nation, and now I’m starting a masters degree and I’m pursuing that and I’m starting as a safety on a PAC-12 team. I think all expectations are out the window now. I’m living up here.”


On everything clicking this year “Definitely. Everything seemed to click at once and once. It continues to click and I can only be thankful for the opportunity the coaches gave me and thank the man above.”


On his goals on the field and academically “Big thing around here is academics because we go to such a great school and that’s what coach Petersen preaches, built for life and our education will us last forever. I know I had the chance to get my undergraduate degree and pursuing this masters degree was very lucky at some point because not all universities have a one-year program, specifically in the field of sports that I like as well, so that definitely helped out continue to pursue and hard work every day. Long days are definitely in the mix and time management is definitely key. Being able to turn the switch on from football to work to school is very necessary; I have to structure my life very accordingly, which in the long run I really like because it’s preparing me for life after football.”


On what he sees himself doing in ten or twenty years from now “Well after I retire from the NFL, I plan on getting in player personnel or player development, in that area, because I like staffing teams and putting the right players in the right program and the right fit. I respect all of our coaches here and I believe we have one of the top-line staffs out there, but getting them the talent to work with is probably the most important part. That’s where I believe I can make a difference in the industry.”


On what he feels his role is on the team “I provide stability for the most part. I’m a senior this year; I’m the oldest of the crew. I know a lot of the defenses going down. Sure, we’ve had a couple guys go down, but honestly the next man will step up. It’s just me back there directing traffic, being the general of the defense, putting people in the right position to make plays. That’s what’s really needed.”


On what he has been most proud of with the defense so far “As a defense, as a whole, all of us are doing our one-eleventh. D-linemen are winning their battles up front, our linebackers clean up any mess behind, and the secondary, we’re patrolling the air patrol back there. Everybody’s just doing their job and communicating on one level. That’s key in great defenses. We just have to work on a lot of fundamental stuff and I think we’ll be lights out.” Top Stories